, a tour from Brenda Coffee

Fellow blogger Brenda Coffee has provided a wonderful overview of this website that is absolutely a required visit for anyone with metastatic breast cancer. I like reviewing it on the days that I wonder about the possibilities of treatment that might be next for me or on days I just simply want to know what kinds of studies are currently available. It is a good idea to look at those that might be part of your upcoming treatment and discuss the possibilities with your oncologist. I know I am always asking her about various studies so that I have an idea what we might be shifting to as I navigate this journey.

Thank you, Brenda, for sharing this most valuable post with our readers.

You will find the link here to and in my links to the right under medical reference.
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2 responses to “, a tour from Brenda Coffee

  1. Donna…
    It’s a great site! I’m a member…..

  2. Donna,
    Thanks for mentioning my review of the site. It’s really impressive. Actually, I wanted to know more about it because of my fondness for you, plus most breast cancer bloggers have shied away from talking about metastasis, and we need to.


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