ONLINE CONFERENCE cancer and nutrition 8-23-12

Thursday, August 23, 2012

6:30–8:00 CDT

Cancer and nutrition

Melissa Mouton, MS, RD, LD

hosted by Livestrong

Livestrong is hosting this conference titled Cancer and nutrition that we can attend either in person in Austin, Texas, or online from anywhere. Most of us going through treatment think about nutrition almost as much as we think of our treatment.

From Livestrong:

“This class will focus on the importance of nutrition when it comes to a cancer diagnosis.  Instructor Melissa Mouton will discuss the top cancer fighting foods and participants will be introduced to the World Cancer Research Fund’s Expert Report. This report describes eight personal recommendations for cancer prevention and survival based on scientific research study reviews. Realistic applications of these recommendations to your real daily life will be explored, including meal planning.”

Register in advance either here or from the page linked above.

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