RESEARCH effects of fasting and food intake on chemo dosing

I have been reading articles about the effects of fasting and food ingestion accompanying chemotherapy doses. Here are two articles addressing this recent focus of some research studies on the effects of fasting or food intake on the efficacy of chemotherapy.

The first article is a report from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) that addresses the various approaches to this subject, which seems to be attracting attention and, possibly, may become required study by the US FDA for chemotherapy.

To eat or not to eat: with cancer therapies, that is the question. In NCI Cancer Bulletin Vol 9:14, 7-10-12

The second article addresses the recent study from University of Chicago about the effect of consuming grapefruit with the chemotherapy drug used to slow the growth of certain incurable cancers. While grapefruit has a number of contraindications for various drugs (cholesterol-lowering drugs, for example), in the case of sirolimus the researchers found that patients in the study who reduced dosage to a third with the added consumption of grapefruit, achieved the effect of a full dose.

Grapefruit juice improves cancer medication. In Scientific American 8-7-12

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One response to “RESEARCH effects of fasting and food intake on chemo dosing

  1. I too have been interested in this topic. I have weekly chemo so fasting is really out of the question. I try to eat high protein, low carb instead in the theory that cancer cells thrive on glucose. Alas this means no sweets, or at least not very often. Who knows? It may help.

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