delay in procedure follow-up

Since my thoracentesis on Friday, I have been trying to keep an appointment with the pulmonologist who did the procedure. Except every day he has had an emergency, and we have had to change the appointment to another day. As this week is running out of time, we scheduled it for next week. Ironically, after the frightening aspects of all of this, it eased my mind a little bit that the appointment with him was less urgent than I first thought because of what the staff associate told me originally.

Friday I will see my oncologist, and that will be good as I would rather hear about any changes in my situation from her than from someone who is not part of my immediate oncology team. Besides, surgeons can be a bit more blunt than we might enjoy at times.

Today, it rained, a rare occurrence in southern California, so the sound of the rain on the roof lulled me to sleep a couple of times this afternoon, in between my watching the US Open, which has been interrupted quite a bit by rain this year. Of course, I wish I were there, but at least I can watch it from the comfort of my home.

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5 responses to “delay in procedure follow-up

  1. I was thinking the same thing…not an emergency for him to see you means it’s not an emergency for you! I consider that excellent news…excellent! Makes me want to dance. Let’s give ‘er a whirl! Hugs!

  2. You bring up such a great point about it not being an emergency-anything that keeps you dancing in the light sounds positive to me!

  3. You’re right about physicians outside of your immediate team. They don’t always have the big picture, just their own.

  4. No rush……a good thing.
    On a rainy day, I love to curl up on my veranda with a blanket & a good book.

  5. Oh, rain on the roof – that sounds just lovely. Good luck with your upcoming appointments.


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