evening at the marina

Lately the stress has been drawing my energy, making it hard to get out and do much. I guess yesterday’s appointments took the sap out of me, so today I napped in between reading and watching the US Open until the weather cancelled the rest of one of the men’s matches.

Tonight we went to the marina for some fresh air. It was a beautiful night with the ocean breeze and plenty of activity on the bike path. I miss the days of being able to ride a bike or walk, but I enjoy watching others enjoy it. Listening to the pelicans dive into the water was a nice way to end an evening. 

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6 responses to “evening at the marina

  1. Dear Lady….so happy to read you had a great day! You sure deserve it. Wishing you dreams of dancing! ♥

  2. I have never had such a gorgeous, graceful dancer as a partner before, Lady! I enjoyed our dance yesterday evening, and am glad you got to go sock up the sights at the ocean. I hope at some point you ground yourself again by removing your feet and absorbing the earth’s energy directly thru your feet. Some people believe it works…and belief is sometimes better than medicine. And love is better than them all! Hugs.

  3. Wait! I did not mean to say remove your feet! Yikes! I meant remove your shoes and put your feet directly on the ground….sorry. That would not be a pretty sight and a real mess to clean up!

  4. Brown pelicans are together for life…my parents favorite bird…glad you were out to see them!

  5. You can sit with your bare feet on the ground and concentrate on drawing up the earth’s energy into your body. Feel it, envision it, take it on a healing journey. Receive beautiful healing energy from Mother Earth.

  6. I have been going through a lot of stress and pain lately too. Sounds like you are getting out more than I am so good for you. I just want summer to be over so this awful heat will be over. ( i live in the High Desert temp with my Mom) I envy your close proximity to the ocean and it’s breezes. I love Pelicans too. I didn’t know they mated for life. That makes mre love them more. Sending you some strenghth and perhaps you could send a little back for me.

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