hot day and a cool movie

It was a hot 90 degrees here in Long Beach, so we decided to do what always works on a hot day: go to the movies. We saw a beautiful movie, Samsara, that is a photo journey around the world. It was like walking through a National Geographic magazine. After we returned home, it was so hot inside we are now just getting it cooled down after at least an hour.

As the days go by before my consultation Tuesday with the pulmonologist, I try to avoid thinking about the upcoming decisions. For now, I am reading poetry and thinking about everything but you know what.

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6 responses to “hot day and a cool movie

  1. Do you have some good bookls to read? Maybe a James Herriot book? Something funny that will keep your attention?

  2. I am happy that you had a great day again dear Lady! It sounds like a great movie too. Wishing you dreams of dancing! ♥

  3. There is nothing like a good movie to escape to to take your mind off of other things. Well, except for the pieces of popcorn stuck in between your teeth or worse, in your gums! I know you want Tuesday to come soon, but don’t wish away Monday! Did you ground yourself yet? Hugs!

  4. The movie sound’s wonderful I know I would enjoy it. Hope the evening temperature drop is helping. Hug’s

  5. Loved your line about doing what always works on hot days…laughed and read it to my husband…that’s my answer to hot days as well 🙂

  6. Enjoy the good moments. I’m glad to hear the movie was so well done – a walk through a National Geographic sounds fantastic.

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