sealing lung wall to pleural wall

I am slowly making progress with the fluid in my left lung. My pulmonologist said that a lot of fluid is vacating, but we want it to slow it down because it will diminish the glue-like substance that will seal the two surfaces together and prevent fluid from accumulating. I am therefore working at moving around and being as active as possible within reason.

Today was exhausting as I coughed and moved and tried to excavate the surfaces. Tonight I can barely stay awake. I know I will sleep as soundly as possible.

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8 responses to “sealing lung wall to pleural wall

  1. I will be glad when sleep finds you. You are certainly a moving target. I hope that eagle is keeping up with you! Hugs (tho gently) and sweet dreams to you!

  2. What an ordeal! You are an amazing woman, and you help all of us see what courage and survivorship is about. I hope you have some energy left, tomorrow. You must be exhausted.

  3. So happy to see you posting again. I wish you dreams of dancing tonight dear Lady! ♥

  4. Hug’s and love dear Donna,It is wonderful that you are sharing with us. I love that about you.

  5. Sending you gentle hugs and wishing you sweet dreams. Hopeful tomorrow will be a bit less exhausting and a bit less painful.

  6. Sweet dreams to you…may you dance among the stars while you sleep!

  7. Here’s hoping your sleep has beautiful dreams of dancing and flawless pirouettes as you pique to the future.

  8. I have been reading your blog for a long, long time. I read and sometimes post (when I have something to offer). My mets is in my lungs, lining and ribs. I only had one effusion when it all returned in 2008, it was drained when they did a VATS biopsy and never has returned.

    Wishing you a smooth recover and no more problems with the pleura.



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