fever and low blood pressure

This is just a update because I am not feeling too great. I am running a fever, but my culture tests are negative. My blood pressure has also been low, and they said that would make me feel out of it, too. I am trying to use my breathing device and to drink water. You would think this would be easy to do since it is all I really have to do. I have a catheter because I am a bit weak, and they don’t want me to get out of bed. Yesterday I was sitting up for a while, but they think it was a bit too much. That is it for today.

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13 responses to “fever and low blood pressure

  1. My continued prayers to you and Don. I pray you are still dancing in your dreams! ♥ I love your courage dear Lady.

  2. Lifting you up before our heavenly Father. Praying for peaceful rest. Love you very much cousin. Claudia

  3. Sweet Lady, you are in my mind and in my heart! Your bravery is just something unbelievable! It takes time to get over something like this surgery. It is major even tho is sounds so easy. You have been thru a lot and your body needs to be resting and recuperating. In the meantime, you have the wings of eagles and owls holding onto you. Soft…warm…and healing thoughts to you.

  4. Sending you and Don prayers and healing thoughts. You are one courageous dancing lady!

  5. I only got to know a little about you on Decorah’s chat line but I so admire your strength and couregous(?) WIsh I could of seen you in July when we were out there but time was short. My prayers continue to flow for you and your husband. It’s wonderful to have that strength coming from him too.


  6. Thinking of you and praying for you! Your courage is such a great example for all of us! I pray that each and every day brings healing and strength!

  7. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you and your constant battle with cancer. Oh how I hate that word… cancer! You give me hope and inspiration that with the power of love one can face this disease head on and come out the victor. Sending you both strength, prayers, & love…

  8. Dear Donna, Thinking of you every day and sending lots of energy your way. Take it easy, don’t over do it. You are such a strong woman. Hug’s and love to you and Don.

  9. I pray for you to have peace, and calm, as well as restored strength and energy. You shine beauty through such an ugly disease. I pray your beauty rubs off on me as I hang out at your blog. ( they say you become who you hang around-so maybe it will work for me that I gain some of the beauty you share)

  10. Praying for peace and restorative sleep

  11. Blessing dear one.

  12. I am sending you prayers of dancing, light and love as your body goes on to heal from the surgery. I also think of you every day and I admire your strength, dignity, and courage during this incredible journey. xoxoxoxo with extra prayers….

  13. Lots of love coming your way. Hope the fever breaks by morning. Sending extra gentle hugs..


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