progress report pleurodesis day 4

This morning I woke up with my temperature returning to normal. Yesterday it was over 101, and my blood pressure was down to 86/54 for most of the day. Today, my temperature finally returned to normal, but they are keeping an eye on it. Yesterday I felt quite sick, so much so that it was a bit scary. In between those two problems I was also nauseated, as is regular with me because of the Xeloda® even during my off weeks. Also, since the problems with the breathing, the nausea was worse than usual and frequent as well. Today the nausea continues, but they are treating it with Zofran®, and that is helping. My husband also brought me some diet ginger ale, which always helps, so between my doses of Zofran, I am drinking the ginger ale. I have coughing spells as well, which seem to result from needing to clear out the lung.

I am also using my breathing apparatus as strongly recommended by everyone involved in my care. It is quite a challenge as I mentioned yesterday, but today I worked hard at doing it more often. I want to do whatever I can to help the healing. I still need the catheter, but they removed the PCA (patient-controlled analgesic) from my IV line and are giving me pain medications by mouth. This is progress, and I am pleased at this. We are still awaiting results from the arterial line blood tests before we will know what was causing the temperature.

Time to rest again while Marvin is away getting something to eat. I am sitting up in the chair, another bit of progress, but I will be getting back in bed as soon as I finish writing.

The ICU staff is very attentive and responds quickly to requests, which I find comforting. I feel fortunate to be having great care. Here they are to take another follow-up x-ray for the shortness of breath.

Till next time.

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13 responses to “progress report pleurodesis day 4

  1. Oh, Donna – You are definately making good progress, although I know it seems slow to you. So happy you have such caring medical personnel to help you, as well as your wonderful husband. I hope you have a good, restful night, and that tomorrow will bring more healing and more strength! Love and hugs to you, Donna!

  2. Don’t you just hate those breathing things? You sound like a medical professional. That’s one of the unexpected “side effects” of so many extensive treatments. My word, girl!

    Love to you & Marvin,

  3. Glad to hear you are making progress, Donna. Our prayers are with both of you.

  4. I know that breathing apparatus is really tough…you are doing really well to be sitting up and using that…wow! Keep resting…we’re all behind you 🙂

  5. Love and prayers to you dear Lady. Wishing you dreams of dancing! ♥

  6. Roni (RaptorRapture)

    Sounds to me like you are on the downhill side of recovery woes! Should be smooth sailing now, hopefully. The breathing apparatus is a pain int he arse, but so necessary to get function back and prevent further fluid build up IN the lung! So, keep blowing into the tube and get the little ball to go up! Make a game of it, and tell hubby he owes you a kiss for every time you get it to the top! Humm a good song while doing it, and dance, dance, dance! Hugs!

  7. So happy things are getting better for you…Love and positive thoughts along with Big (((HUGS)))…so glad to see that beautiful smile back!

  8. I just commented on YESTERDAY’s post before I saw this one… Very glad to see the fever broke. Hate that you are dealing with CHEMO nausea in addition to the rest of this stuff. Hope TOMORROW is a better day. Each day a bit better than the one before. Slowly and one day at the time.

    Much Love,


  9. I hate those breathing things but know they are necessary, I am glad to hear your fever broke and the bp is better, Sorry about that awful nausea too, There is nothing worse. I used to do the ginger ale too. Keep your spirits up

  10. So happy to hear the fever broke and you are feeling a bit better. So, sorry about the nausea. You have a sweetheart Marvin bringing you Ginger ale very nice.
    Take care dear Donna.

  11. With you in thought and prayer.

  12. Hey SIS, you are incredible along with the rest of the superlative positive adjectives : can’t believe your strength & determination to climb out of this valley to the top of the mountain for the quality life you so deserve !!!! Keep up your great work on that heavy breathing or should I call it deep breathing 🙂
    God’s blessings & Love to you & Marvin !!!

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