progress report pleurodesis day 5

I had a breathing treatment this morning, and that seemed to help ease the shortness of breath. At least I can breathe again with relative ease..After the respiratory therapist worked with me, the physical therapist came and assisted me with a short walk. We went out of the room about 100 feet, if that, and then we rested a while before returning to the room.

So while I am writing about this, the respiratory therapy team just stopped by to ask if I needed another treatment; of course, I replied yes. I think that will allow me to take another walk after I also have some pain medication. Last night was a challenge as I was trying to turn on my right side per the respiratory therapist’s recommendation to increase shifting my body to prevent bed sores. Every attempt to change an activity, however, seems to yield results that are less than desirable.

Now despite my efforts this afternoon to execute moves that will help my situation, I have had bouts of nausea that caused me to have to stop and change gears. I simply feel like crap and need to relax and sleep it off. Thank goodness for the Zofran® and ginger ale.

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9 responses to “progress report pleurodesis day 5

  1. Twinkies! When I was pregnant, I had nausea from morning to night. I looked and looked for something I could eat that would not be so bad. Twinkies actually taste the same going in as coming out! Just a suggestion! Seriously, you are making great strides in your recovery. You are up and walking, even if only short distances. But it’s one step closer to dancing out of there. I have faith in you, Lady! Keep up the good work, (Embraces you with owl wings and pulls you to the breast for comfort. It’s such a safe place to be.) Love Roni

  2. Hi dear Lady! Sure am glad to see you post. Sounds like your recovery is coming along fine. Hope you can be home soon. Wishing you dreams of dancing, as always! Love and prayers to you and Don. ♥

  3. Zofran is my friend too. Popsicles seemed to help and at least offered calories if not nutrition. So sorry you have to go thru all this. Cancer sucks.

  4. Definitely do all you can to prevent bedsores…get help but make sure you are turned…you do not need that…I’m so glad you are getting better!

  5. Great to hear from you. So glad to see progress even if it is slower than you would like…just keep up the good work! Wishing you more relaxation and sleep today. Love, big Hugs and positive energy and thoughts coming your way today and everyday!

  6. This ordeal sounds awfully tough. My prayers are with you.

  7. Love and prayers to you, brave woman.

  8. Yay for ginger ale!

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