Progress report pleurodesis day 6

I am sitting up after breakfast, but I am definitely feeling a bit dizzy. I guess they are going to transfer me to a regular floor later today. I have not yet walked on my own, but they think I will be able to do that once I get to the regular floor. I have waked only with assistance while feeling out of it We will see

I did manage to eat some of their oatmeal, yucky as it was. But that was better than the dry hard-boiled eggs and pancakes. Everything tastes off to me, not sure why. Of course, by the time I get around to eating it, it is all cold. that does not help. I will try to order cottage cheese and fresh seasonal fruit again for lunch At least that is palatable regardless of the temperature.

So far today no shortness of breath, fever or low blood pressure. The attending in charge today said they were still watching my kidneys, but there was no danger at this point, and the surgery itself looked to be successful.

I keep feeling that if I could get up and walk, it would help get things in my body working again like they should be. Maybe I will actually do better after getting to the regular floor and start moving around more.

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9 responses to “Progress report pleurodesis day 6

  1. I know this is an ordeal and that you are struggling and doing everything humanly possible. I can’t imagine….

  2. I know you are a woman of few words on occasion…but this is even extreme for you! Hang in there girl…We love ya!

  3. Sending you all my love and prayers. ♥

  4. You are such a great fighter. My prayers go with you daily. Keep up the good work. Connie Kline

  5. You are so used to moving that I think it is adding to why you feel out of sorts. I am encouraged to hear that it sounds as though the surgery was successful. Surgery takes a lot out of you and it’s not surprising things taste funny. On top of that it takes a number of days to shake off anasthesia. My prayers continue to be with you daily and I really appreciate the updates. Here’s to dreams of dancing and hoping you can be up and mobile soon. XoXoXoXo-Susan

  6. Sounds like you are moving in the right direction, out of ICU and walking soon. So happy to hear the surgery was successful and you are healing.
    Hug’s and well wishes. XO

  7. Rest well. XOXO!

  8. One day and one goal at a time, just keep plugging away dancing lady! Sending you prayers and good thoughts!

  9. You can do this! 🙂

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