Progress report pleurodesis day 8

Longer road than expected, but hoping for good news when I talk with my two medical teams today. Will be either rehab for a few days or home. I am actually taking escorted walks.

One view from this 4th floor in the hospital old tower. It is a little balcony enclosed in glass, so it’s very warm, well, hot, which feels good compared to the deep freeze of the room. It feels good to be out of bed finally without feeling like I’m going to keel over any moment. I had some brief wheezing earlier today, but I continue to use my breathing device, which makes me cough every time. I think that is good because I cough up refuse from down in the lungs that needs to come out. All this yucky stuff is apparently good. Hospital stays seem quite welcoming of discussions of the most obtuse and definitely socially objectionable and otherwise uninviting topics. I will spare you all.

Off to take more photos.

Oh my, one of the staff at Chao came to visit me. What a sheer delight she is. That sure made my day. Here comes my doctor.

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7 responses to “Progress report pleurodesis day 8

  1. Yes, to those of the medical persuasion yucky stuff is definitely good! It is amazing isn’t it, the things you have to discuss. So happy to hear you are able to toodle around more comfortably. Take care Dancing Lady! 🙂

  2. I’m glad to hear you’re getting stronger. Yes, those breathing gadgets are not fun, but they will help you bring all that stuff up. Seek out the healing warmth of the sun as often as you can. It will help keep you tethered to the world outside your hospital room.

  3. Hoping you are strong enough and have enough help at home to go there if you can. But if not, a few days in rehab with people waiting on you is not all that bad either! You never know, those people might like your company and you can teach them a thing or two about being brave and dancing! Hugs to you and soft owl wings enfold you!

  4. Donna you are amazing. I love your pictures and your attitude is fantastic. Thanks so much for letting me in your world…you are really coming along and I am glad you like Chao….it’s great to have someone stimulating to talk to. Take it from a fellow ballet and modern dancer….You continue to dance in to the light! XoXoXoXo-Susan

  5. Getting it up & out is yucky……..but wonderful you are able to rid yourself of it. The staff must love your winning ways. We sure do!
    Hugs and hope ~ Sandy

  6. You sound more like your self today. Happy to hear you are well enough to be leaving the hospital dear Donna. Best wishes and hug’s to you.

  7. Hi Donna –

    Thanks for letting us know how u are
    doing. Bless your heart –

    Kim from

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