Progress report pleurodesis day 10 rehab 1

I arrived at Country Villa Belmont Heights skilled nursing facility (snf) last evening for my rehabilitation. The facility is in Long Beach, so at least it is not far from home and will ease some of the logistical complications for Marvin. I sure hope that I won’t be here long, but I know I’m too weak to function on my own at home when he is not there. Not having kids and having moved here away from my family back east, I don’t have the usual family members around during a time like this. So, I just need to work hard to get myself stronger and able to leave here and go home.

Besides missing the comfort of being in my own place, I sure do miss Saturday morning with my sweetie who always makes us the best coffee. I’m thinking about that this morning as I drink the institutional instant coffee with powdered creamer. I’m a spoiled girl, so this is taking an effort as I try not to behave as such.

So far, despite the noise of the night with a computer voice that announces every call from every room over and over, the place is clean, though a bit austere, and I have a big window next to my bed at least. It is not picturesque as it opens to a parking lot but a window in an institution like this is a perk. The staff are friendly, and my nurse today, and for the next four days, is sweet and seems quite efficient. She is preparing me for my morning routine, so I will close now and get ready to face my first day of rehab.

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8 responses to “Progress report pleurodesis day 10 rehab 1

  1. At least we are close to home and hubby now. Maybe he can bring you some good coffee from home and it will still be hot, or they can warm it in a microwave! I don’t think you’ll be there long as I know you are determined to get stronger to go home. Not having a great view out that window is telling you don’t waste time looking…go do it! A message I doubt you need. Warm breezes from owl wings coming at ya! Love ya.

  2. Sending you love and prayers, and I pray you can get some very soon! ♥

  3. Sending positive thoughts and energy to get you stronger soon…I know how wonderful it would be for you at home…it will happen soon! ((((HUGS)))) and love from me to you! Have a wonderful day!

  4. My gut feeling is you will be on your way home in a reasonable time frame. Remember you are a being of light and love.

  5. I’m glad you are in a place close to home. Rehab is a challenge, i know. I have been in it twice and continue physical therapy even now. You know there are going to be days you don’t feel like getting up either. Sending you strength so you can. I’m spoiled too so I understand that. Sometimes people think when you are sick that you are accepting when it is usually the opposite. We want normalcy. I live too far inland to have seen the Endeavor either so watched on TV and looked at pics. So historical and I think it means so much more to us who remember a time when we were visiting the moon regularly. I wish I lived closer to Long Beach because I would come visit, even though we’ve never met, you are my sister in the fight. Take care and hope you can get some rest along with your PT. You’ll be home with Marvin in no time. K

  6. When we’re sick, there’s no place like home and our own things. I agree with Roni and am hoping the parking lot through your window will make you work harder to get out of there.
    Love & hugs,

  7. Maybe they keep the place in a rather austere fashion so the inmates want to get out and go home dear Donna. And I agree with your friend about the window… gotta work to get home and to those breath taking visits to the beautiful ocean for healing air… love and hugs and blessings as you mend!

  8. Donna your attitude is so inspiring. I also know rehab is hard but for now it is a necassary evil. It’s amazing how a simple cup of coffee from your incredible man can be such a wonderful reminder of the fact that there’s no place like home. I am hoping that rehab is a smooth trasition (although there is nothing smooth about this process) and as you finish your time there from your window (that can open to anything you wish in your imagination) you can click your heels three times and be home again in your own bed sipping your own coffee with choregraphy and pirouettes dancing in your mind. As always I send you my comforting thoughts, prayers and hugs. XoXoXoXo

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