progress report pleurodesis day 11 rehab 2

Here comes day 2 in rehabilitation. I am thrilled to report this morning that I slept a full six hours last night before waking up on my own at four o’clock. I stayed in bed and fell back to sleep for another hour and a half, which is all the most uninterrupted sleep I have had in days. Although I have not set a foot out of bed yet as I write this, I feel the most glorious absence of nausea and sickliness that I had constantly the past 48 hours. I am taking this as a very good sign. I was nauseated so often yesterday, I just felt miserable most of the day.

My husband convinced me to take my available lorazepam (Ativan®) before bedtime last night, and he brought me an iPod and my favorite earphones so I could fill my head with music during the night and blur the background noise of the staff conversations and constant intercom announcements. What a difference it all made. Marvin has created my own little tech station at my bed already so I can recharge my devices that I continually deplete of battery power through constant use. Because it’s a sort of tool kit that hangs at the side of my bed, I don’t have to keep my iPad on my little table and risk getting it wet like the other night when I spilled water everywhere. Just like he organizes me at home with all the right gear, he has me geeked out here.

Yesterday Marvin was here for a good while and so was a friend who brought me a treasure trove of supplies to keep me comfy and sanitary. Like me, she is a bit of a germaphobe, so I have little handy wipes and personal wipes to help in the germ war. I will say that the staff here seems fastidious, but all the same, in an institution, additional swipes of disinfectant are probably a good idea. After my recent history of complications, I don’t need any other weird interferences with my healing and mission to get stronger.

Yesterday the physical therapist evaluated me. Her assessment was that I need assistance in and out of bed because I am unsteady. She seemed impressed with my weakness. All it means to me today is that I have plenty of room for growth upward into feeling stronger. The schedule for PT is six days a week and the schedule for OT is five days. I begin both routines tomorrow. Today I can gather my reserve to get ready for the uphill climb. They do not yet have a time goal for me, but I suspect that will come with my beginning the PT and OT regimens.

So my first order on the agenda today was to try to eat. I have been unable to eat since I arrived here, and most of the time the nausea has made most food unpalatable. To say that this is not the finest gourmet establishment would be kind, but, of course, I am a finicky eater, I suppose, in that I’m vegetarian who dislikes any kind of processed food. Guess what. Most of the food on these places seems to come out of a package, but for now I need to ignore that and just eat for nutrition as much as possible. Even a few bites of a powdered egg for breakfast and mushy oatmeal is better than going on an empty, incessantly gnawing stomach. In the hospital I was unable to drink much water because of some complications with my sodium levels, but now I am back to drinking as much as I can along with the diet ginger ale that my friend brought me yesterday. Maybe with rehydration alone I will feel a bit better. Hoping and planning on it, anyway.

One step at a time. Today: drinking water and eating for strength. Being thankful to feel a ray of strength this morning and grateful for my awesome hubby and the help from my breast-cancer sister friend.

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7 responses to “progress report pleurodesis day 11 rehab 2

  1. You sure sound like you feel better dear Lady! Prayers that you find your strength returning hour by hour. Sending love and prayers to you both! ♥

  2. Awesome

  3. You are the incredible energizer bunny I think. Glad to hear of the sleep, the music, the company, the cleanliness and the plan for rehab. PT may be “impressed” with your weakness…I am impressed with your strength! Hugs!

  4. Yes, I hear some of the Donna spunk we all know and love. You’re right about rehydration. Our bodies require lots of water. Sounds like you’re doing all the right things. At some point, maybe Marvin can bring you something a bit tastier to eat.

  5. Your Marvin is a prince. See if you can get some mashed potatoes. I used to be able to get those down when I hardly had an appetite. I hope the nausea stays away. There is nothing worse. Thinking of you everyday Donna. ❤

  6. So glad you got some sleep too

  7. Yay! I’m so glad you were able to get some good rest Dancing Lady! I wish there was a way to slip some real food in there to you. Gotta keep your strength up, but I hope they come up with something more palatable for you. I just loved the photo of you basking in the sun and fresh air! Take care Dancing Lady!

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