progress report pleurodesis day 13 rehab 4

My first day of therapy yesterday was every bit as challenging as I could have imagined. I started in the morning with OT, squeezing a four-inch ball as hard as I could with both hands. I did a couple of other exercises before I was finished and completely exhausted. PT was even harder, though the exercises amounted to not much of anything. I am trying hard not to think about what used to be. I sat in the chair and lifted my thighs from the seat and then did leg extensions. Both exercises required several sets after which I needed a rest. Then, we did relevé, something that I used to do with such ease and now with such great difficulty. I also did some pliés, which also wore me out beyond my comprehension.

It is startling that I have lost so much strength and stamina. I was already deconditioned, anyway, but the surgery seems to have sapped every last bit of resources that I did have. It felt so difficult that I wondered whether I can get past this while I was doing it, but I have been mulling it over in my room since my return and thinking that with such a low baseline, I will just need to push past the feelings of intimidation that I felt today. I am not thinking ahead at all; I am just going to take this slowly and definitely one day at a time. I know I need to get stable to be able to function independently, so I have no choice as to whether I will succeed. I will succeed, even if slowly. I have ten days to my first evaluation, so I expect to show some great improvements by then.

At least I got a relatively good night’s sleep with no rude awakenings middle of the night. I was so tired last night after my athletic training program that I did not even need any lorazepam. I sat up the entire day without lying in bed at all, an athletic achievement in itself. By the time seven o’clock came I was ready to climb in bed and almost ready for sleep. I finally started nodding off after nine o’clock. The staff has been nice about closing the door to the room, and this helps shut out that obnoxious bright fluorescent light along with the incessant intercom announcements and staff chatter. What a difference in the way I feel when I sleep. After so many years of being able to function, albeit probably much of the time sleep deprived, on four hours, I am now unable to feel human without a decent six to seven hours. Considering my level of functioning now, it is amusing to me that I need that much sleep to do what I am doing during the day. I do know that sleep feels healing to me now as I feel greatly restored in the morning after I have slept well.

The nice part of the morning is that my window faces southeast, so I get a room full of sunshine when waking up. What a great way to start the day.

Fueled by breakfast and now ready to begin training day 2.

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7 responses to “progress report pleurodesis day 13 rehab 4

  1. Hi dear Lady! You are strong, and supported by so many. I hope you can feel all us there helping you. Sending you my love and prayers! ♥

  2. I completely admire your pluck and determination. What a role model!

  3. So…you’ve been dancing. Slowly, but dancing none the less. Just think of it this way. A few days ago, you would have been happy just to get out of bed. Now you spend an entire day out of bed. A week ago, you would have been ahppy to be moving at all, now you are walking and doing dance moves. Slow…yes. But think about the assault you have put your body thru int he last few months. The anesthesia alone takes a full 6 months to leave your system entirely. Then there is the chemo treatments which got you down physically. You didn’t eat for a week or more. Your muscles got Alzheimers and forgot everything they ever knew about moving and cooperating. I think you are doing marvelously! Take today…get it done…and then take tomorrow when it comes. Sleep is good, so I am glad you got that. There really is NO REST IN A HOSPITAL SETTING! I don’t care what they say…you rest at home! But until then…keep shaking it, Girlfriend! Hugs!

  4. You sound like you are doing really well. It is always hard to start PT when your body remembers that it can do so much more, and normal movements take so much effort. This needs so much patience. You are such an inspiration and I love your description of the beautiful window with morning sunlight after a good nights sleep. Here’s to dreams of piques and penches with angled Fouette Turns! Prayers and hugs to you Donna..XoXoXoXo

  5. Listening and sending hugs to you ALWAYS…


  6. Boy can I relate to being exhausted after doing what you feel is so little compared to what you used to do. One day at a time is a good rule though. It will get easier and easier as the days go on. Sending you the strength I can spare. K

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