progress report pleurodesis day 14 rehab 5

Another night of seven hours of sleep makes me feel like conquering the world this morning. That and the coffee that my aid brought to me promptly. The halls are as hectic as they can be with people shuffling back and forth and phones ringing at the administration station right outside my room. Because that station is on the Grand Street side of the building, it’s called the Grand station and that seems like an appropriate designation.

Yesterday’s PT and OT session was hard but enjoyable. The two therapists worked with me simultaneously, switching my exercises from upper body to lower body as we went through the regimen. It was the first day I felt a tiny bit of strength start to flow as I pushed my way through the sets of 10 repetitions. I guess my legs still have some reserve from the past because I was able to do the relevés and pliés to the delight and exclamation of my therapists. I did not feel they were particularly good executions, but I did manage to do them and that’s a start. The other patients in the room asked me why I was even there as they looked to be severely physically disabled. It is all so relative. This facility houses some very ill residents. I avoid looking in rooms as I walk down the hallway.

When I returned to the room, after a rest, I repeated a few of the exercises till my legs started to burn. That actually felt good. Later I walked through a dance routine that I recently choreographed and was able to make it through about three-quarters of the entire song. That will be part of my personal gauge, how much of the song I can do and how well I can perform the movements. Getting through the entire song at any level will be my first goal.

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5 responses to “progress report pleurodesis day 14 rehab 5

  1. You are ever so enjoyable even in your misery! You make me smile with your descriptions of what goes on and what you see. Perhaps your dancing with your feet is secondary only to your dancing fingers on the keyboard! I love that they have you doing dances you are familiar with…all these ballet moves. Talk about muscle memory! I can’t even say the names of these moves correctly, much less do them. And I think your idea of being able to do the dance from start to finish, without critical acclaim, is the best gauge of your ability to function at home. I sense your strength more and more each day. Sleep has something to do with it, but you have found your reserves down int here somewhere, and are calling on them to lift you up.You keep it up girl, you’ll be teaching those therapists a few things! Hugs to you. Dance on, dance on!

  2. Wow! You are dancing! How delightful! 🙂

  3. What a fantastic goal! I♥ it. Donna, you are uplifting always. Br blessed.

  4. Cordelia Lovelady

    Keep dancing Beautiful Lady….hugs, a big smile, lots of love along with positive energy!!

  5. Donna I am happy to hear that you are doing plies and releves and walking through most of the choreography you created to a song. You are coming back at a great pace and I am so happy for you. I know how much dance means to you. As I said yesterday it won’t be long before a beautiful arabesque turn, piques and fouettes…..You are so inspiring. Hugs and XoXoXoXo

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