progress report pleurodesis day 15 rehab 6

My rehab room had only two beds until yesterday when they filled that open space with a third bed between my original roommate and me. I am at least next to the window which gives me a little more privacy, I suppose, but it sure feels crowded now. The new roommate is not at this time ambulatory, and she is in the middle bed. The staff were busy with her arrival late last night and well into the night, so it was a pretty wild night of noise and bright lights.

Somehow I did manage to fall asleep, probably thanks to my rehab training sessions, which were quite vigorous yesterday. The occupational therapist came to get me in the morning, and we worked my arms and upper body until I was quite tired. I was glad when the physical therapist said she would have to meet with me in the afternoon instead of following OT. I needed the break.

During my PT session I worked hard enough to exhaust the muscles. I also walked the stairs five sets though I needed a break after three. It felt good to feel the muscles working and to feel tired from having worked my muscles instead of from just being sick. I can’t say that I feel strength yet, but I feel a bit stronger in being able to walk down the hall with more stability. They are now letting me use the restroom, with the walker, unescorted. That is an achievement that makes me happy as I do relish my privacy.

I am now six days down of ten and working as hard as I can so that I will be able to leave at the conclusion of those ten days. Every bit of encouragement that you send is welcome as I read every comment here and at Facebook and appreciate the support, especially during those moments of self doubt. Thank you again for your continued encouragement.

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12 responses to “progress report pleurodesis day 15 rehab 6

  1. Donna, you are a model of perseverance and strength. You are amazing. You are modeling for so many and for that we all thank you. Can’t wait for you to get back home!

  2. Dear Lady….You are such an inspiration to me, and so many others. I look forward to reading your entry every day. Keep it up, and you will be home in n time. We are all dancing around you! Sending my love and prayers. ♥

  3. Hey Martini Girl! It your girl in Ohio Here, I have been following you for several months now ~in silence because it was so hard to find the words, and today I could no longer just read and pray because you are call to me :). You my dear are the bravest person I have ever known, “you” are encouraging everyone around you in your darkest moments OMG just by sharing your journey. I could never do what you are doing and now I am trying to write as beautiful as you do, remember I am a sales person here 🙂 you are not allowed to correct my mistakes 🙂 What you have to remember is one step at a time 5678 just like your dancing you have to repeat and repeat the steps again, so that your muscles will begin to pick up you wonderful dancing beat of 5678 🙂
    You know we had 1 martini together or was it 2 LOL and you have stayed in my heart and soul forever~ in my minds eye (pretty deep huh) I can still see us at Maxi sitting at the Bar… just maybe, if it helps when you are taking that extra step or your muscles are screaming to
    stop, just pretend you are having a Martini with me except I am now 30 pound fatter, but my hair is still RED now that visual should really help you ….. love you ~ Cindy

  4. There is still dancing ahead. Keep up the hard work.

  5. Hang in there, Donna. You are doing very well, considering all you have gone through.

  6. God Bless..keep stepping…one day, you’ll be dancing again! xo

  7. I admire your determination and will to get your strength back. You must know that there a so many of us out there sending prayers and love your way. Keep up the ‘good fight’.

  8. Donna, tried to email you but your acct is disabled. Did you know? xo

  9. You go, girlfriend! Sounds like you’re doing great. What determination you have. An example for all of us.

  10. Keep up the good work and we all hope to see you go home as planned.

  11. Each journey begins with that single step, and you have charted your course for home with many steps already. Toilet independence is a prime goal, and you have that now., And being exhausted from actual working out and not just laying around is great! It is good quality sleep then. Put your earbuds in your ears, listen to soft easy music, and fall asleep on those noisy nights. I am sure you will be a model patient and a role model for others. You do know, the more you get better, the more you get cranky and want out, the faster they let you go home, right? I have found it to be true that usually when people start complaining about being “in”, it’s time to let them “out”. So, if you gotta bitch a little every now and then about lights and noise…go ahead. It lets them know you are functioning! Hugs to you..keep dancing!

  12. You really impress me Donna, esp doing the ballet moves. Sounds to me like you’ll be more than ready to go by your tenth day

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