progress report pleurodesis day 18 rehab 9

I did not feel good yesterday morning. I could not put my finger on it, but I felt really lousy, even after draining my lung all day long the previous day and extracting 200 ml of fluid. That should have made me feel better. Maybe I just need a really good night’s sleep. Today I feel worn out as well with some shortness of breath. I am connected to my fluid collection bag again, and I’m hoping that will help me feel better. The lack of sleep might just be getting to me. At least with my earphones and music, it helps a bit for part of the night. But the staff here at night are just really loud, and the lights are very bright. We were closing the door to the room, but my roommate complained voraciously in the middle of the night so they had to open the door.

Because it was Saturday, I had no OT and only PT. My PT session was a bit out of the ordinary because I had a woman who insisted on telling me about the alternative treatments that she believes in. She spent more time talking about her beliefs than she did on my PT, which got minimal attention. I was not pleased about it. Since I did not feel so great, however, I did not push it even though I asked her a couple of times why we were not going to the gym. She made me exercise in the hallway instead, which was uncomfortable since it’s lined with residents. I don’t think it’s a very sanitary place, and I did not appreciate it that she had me hold onto the railing in the hall to do a couple of exercises. They are usually very particular about wearing gloves and cleaning any apparatus that they give us to use. I will give some feedback tomorrow to the PT person who I think functions as sort of a coordinator if not a supervisor. It felt very unprofessional, and it was the first time that this was the case. I guess one out of eight days is not too bad, though it seems like every session should be professional.

Today I will have neither OT nor PT, so I will walk on my own and try to do some exercises in the room. Tomorrow is day number 10, so I am hoping that means it is the day I will leave. I cannot find anyone who knows my discharge date, however, so I will keep asking. It would seem if I am approved for ten days, I would not stay through day 11. Can you tell that I want badly to leave.

Now they say I can stay another ten days, but the paperwork is based on an HMO plan, not my PPO plus Medicare. I don’t know why to think except I don’t want to stay.

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7 responses to “progress report pleurodesis day 18 rehab 9

  1. I am so sorry that you still feel so tough, but I appreciate the effort you put into explaining what your situation feels like. You are a brave woman.

  2. You should complain to whoever is in charge of the PT about that person! That is ridiculous to say the least and dangerous at many levels. About you not feeling too well, I am not sure what is happening there. Perhaps the doctor will know what is going on tomorrow when he/she comes in. Based on the treatment, I would have thought the amount of fluid would be minimal. But then again, I am not a doctor! Maybe all this is normal, and that is why they did not let you go right home. I know that is where you want to be, and I think Tuesday will be the latest you can go there. Just get thru today, rest if needed. Exercise if possible. And dance, dance, dance if only in your mind!

  3. Hi again Donna,
    Well this last part has surely not been the greatest. Insisting you exercise in the hallway is so inappropriate. In fact, the weekend is lost time in helping you to progress and that is unfortunate. But, as usual, you make the best of it and try to help yourself. I hope things go well this week.

  4. If that woman returns to give you more PT, I know you can find a nice way to let her know that you need every minute of your time together spent on getting you stronger. If she backslides, tell her, again. Unfortunately, it sounds like you must be the “professional” here. Any chance of another room opening up… a private one?

  5. You have been very diplomatic about your session in the hall. I think it is time to let someone know exactly ‘what is wrong with this picture’. You’re treatment, each and every one of them, is very important. Please do speak up and let someone know how disappointing that particular one was. I also sympathize with you about your nights with noise and bright lights. I am sure some of that could be toned down for the patients. Prayers as always and for your sake, hope a discharge from there very soon.

  6. Can you get naps in during the day to help with sleep. I know there used to be time before dinner that I would nap and it helped. Well hopefully you’ll be home soon so it won’t matter

  7. You need to speak with someone about the person that worked with you today. I am horrified at the way she talked about alternative treatments when it was none of her business to be discussing any type of conversation like that. Her lack of professionalism is quite obvious and I am disgusted that she ignored the important precautions that should be taken to keep you from getting an infection that could be extremely serious for you. I am really disturbed that she did not take you to the gym and had you doing exercises in the unsanitary hall. I know you just want to get out of there but you have to speak up so no one gets treated like that. Donna, I am very upset hearing this. You are the most positive person and give of your self so much as well as having such a great spirit. Physical therapy is about building you up not being unprofessional and bringing you down. You have enough to deal with having all of that fluid and trying to breathe properly which is instinctive to you from you dance training. I am sorry I am so angry, but I really care about you and I am really mad at this “therapist”. She doesn’t sound like she is even licensed properly. Meanwhile I am sorry I wrote so much and got so angry…while you have so much you are dealing with. You have to pick your battles and right now it’s time you get to start clicking your heels three time since there’s no place like home! ….I sure hope tomorrow is a brighter day and you get some sleep tonight without so much disturbance. I send you prayers and special hugs tonight Donna, and thank you for keeping us posted. I think about you every day…. You are so special……..Sweet dreams…Hugs……XoXoXoXo

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