progress report pleurodesis day 20 home 1

Yesterday when my husband finished his work day, he came to pick me up and take me home from rehab. Joy of joys. The rehab staff kept asking me if I wanted to stay longer, and without hesitation I replied no. Even though I think I could benefit from further OT and PT, I think my body is suffering from the overall environment. I just felt sick since Saturday, and I’m thinking that I might feel better after I start sleeping again. Plus, during the day now we have a patient who hollers constantly for water, for a nurse to help her or, if a nurse is helping her, that the nurse is hurting her. It goes on all day long. In fact, the very mild-mannered woman who shares that room—I really feel for her—at one point hollered back at that woman to “just shut up.” At some point she falls asleep and is finally quiet for a brief time. I don’t even know where she gets the energy to holler that much.

Riding home felt like I was escaping for freedom. It felt great. When we got home, I found the quiet ambiance so very comforting. A short time after I was home sitting up in a chair that my husband configured for me, we received a delivery of a hospital bed. While I was gone, my husband shuffled the furniture around to accommodate space for a hospital bed in our sitting area. The delivery came just after I got home, and the bed is great. It even has a Tempur-pedic healthcare mattress, which is very comfortable. But I did spend my night in my own bed in the upstairs bedroom, taking the 14 stairs very slowly with Marvin’s watchful oversight.

Last night my husband thought I was feeling warm, so he took my temperature last evening and found I had a 100.8 degree fever. I wondered whether this is what was making me feel sick the last couple of days. Interesting that even after I told them I was not feeling well and described it as feeling like I was trying to catch something, they never took my temperature. They took my blood pressure and blood glucose regularly but never my temperature. So I am drinking lots of fluids and hoping that my body will fight off whatever it is that is causing this temperature.

This afternoon I have an appointment with my pulmonologist. Other than that, I plan to rest and drink fluids. I slept the entire night, I believe, without moving an inch. I had wondered whether my sleep pattern was altered, but after sleeping last night a full seven hours plus another couple of hours this morning after Marvin and I came downstairs, I see that I am able to sleep when the conditions are good. Mind you, I’m not even that light a sleeper; Marvin wakes up more often at noises than I do. Although I have fought having a hospital bed, I will admit this morning it was nice to come downstairs from the night and be able to lie down again comfy and cozy and actually fall asleep again on the hospital bed. With that nice mattress it is quite conducive to sleep. My sisters helped us buy the bed and the bedding that is on its way. They live far away but are always in touch and supportive. My family is wonderful. 

I just want to start feeling better. I hate feeling so weak and sick. I keep thinking that if I fall asleep, I will wake up and feel restored again. My willing it should make it happen, right.

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10 responses to “progress report pleurodesis day 20 home 1

  1. Donna, I am so happy you are home and had a great night’s sleep. The hospital bed will be so helpful to assure you can get comfortable in the bed because the bed moves in all sorts of directions for different body parts. I understand why you resisted it. Meanwhile I am praying that you feel better each day. Hugs and XoXoXoXo

  2. Donna I am glad you are home and have a new comfy bed to rest in.

  3. After reading yesterdays post I was really upset that you were still at rehab…then to learn you had a fever and no one cared to take your temp…arrghh! I’m so glad you are home! Praying you feel better each day.

  4. I’m glad you are home. Home always feels the best. Praying for you to regain strength and feel better.

  5. I’m so glad you are home and that you have an amazing family. Continue to rest, heal, and recover.

  6. WONDERFUL NEWS! You’re home! Rest and keep an eye on your temperature. I’m shocked the rehab facility didn’t take your temperature.

  7. Roni (RaptorRapture)

    I am glad you are home where the music is ever so much better. The acoustics there just seem to suit you! Perhaps dancing is not far off, once you get the needed sleep and rest you need to recharge those batteries. Will wait to hear what the pulmonologist has to say this afternoon. Hope you have a great day and enjoy the comforts of your own bed, good food, a wonderful husband and love that surrounds you from all of us.

  8. So glad you could finally rest! Whew, your lack of sleep was giving me nightmares;-) Here’s hoping for a good recovery.

  9. Home……sweet home.
    Relax in the peace & comfort that home and your ever-loving bring you. Be comforted in the love that graces you from near & far.

  10. I love our tempupedic mattress. They do give wonderful rest. I can’t believe the aides at the rehab did not take your temp.!! That is basic–every time they take vitals that should be done. don’t go back there. Maybe that’s why the other woman was shouting. Next time, you’ll have to shout louder.

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