progress report pleurodesis day 21 home 2

Yesterday I went to see the pulmonologist for my follow-up to my surgery. He removed one of the small stitches but decided not to remove the others when that one seemed to indicate that the site needed more healing time. All else seemed to be fine with my lung. He told me not to drain every day but only every three days or so.

So, at least the fever was not associated with any problem with the surgery or the wound site. It seems maybe I was trying to get a virus, and I keep thinking that maybe that was related to my exercising in the hallway and touching that dirty railing. Whatever. I think the worst has passed. That sickly feeling seems to be gone, though I’m still very tired and weak. I have been lying down but now I want to try to be up a little bit because I believe that the more one lies around, the more weak one feels. I don’t know whether I’m up to take a scoot, but I might consider a short trip this afternoon.

A home nursing service called me earlier and said they are sending someone over to do an assessment of me as ordered by the doctor from the rehabilitation center. It seems ironic since I never did see him the entire time I was there at the facility. It sounds like they are also going to send an OT and PT representative to evaluate me for more sessions at home.

I had some real food last night: Chinese shrimp and an egg roll. It was great to eat something besides grilled cheese. I only hope that they didn’t ruin my taste for grilled cheese, which I love when done right. I won’t attempt to eat one for a while as I think I need a rest from that menu.

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4 responses to “progress report pleurodesis day 21 home 2

  1. So nice to know that you are doing OK. Will be much nicer to do PT and OT at home:) Keep up the good work. Prayers are coming your way:)

  2. Roni (RaptorRapture)

    You may rest or you may dance…either one is fine with me. And stay away from grilled cheese for a little while, until you crave your own kind instead of institutionalize ones! Yuck! And feel the love of all of us surrounding you and holding on to you. We luv ya, Lady

  3. All is well and some improvements are coming your way. Get stronger each day. I believe in you.

  4. BreastCancerSisterhood

    You’re right about associating certain foods down the road. That happened to me during chemo. If and when you can, I think it’s wise to keep moving. It’s a catch 22 when we don’t have the energy to exercise, yet exercising is what gives us energy.
    Sending love & prayers, always,

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