progress report pleurodesis day 22 home 3

A home health nurse came to visit me yesterday. She took my vitals which showed that I had a slight fever again. Ugh. No wonder I still feel so rotten. She told me this can happen when you’re dehydrated. I have never heard this before. After being in the pulmonologist’s office the previous day for three hours, I am not surprised that I am dehydrated.

I am trying to walk back and forth in our loft to get some exercise, but I am still really tired and weak. I don’t want to lie in bed all day, however, as I think that only adds to the weakness. Getting up and forcing myself to do something has got to help some way. I will try to do some of the exercises from OT and PT and see if that will help. Then, maybe I’ll take a nap. I feel like I could use one. I just seem to need to catch up on the sleep that I missed while at the rehab facility. I am loving the quiet here at home, especially at night.

I can’t say that I’m not concerned about how bad I feel. At least, tomorrow I am going to see my oncologist. I keep wondering what’s going on with the cancer since I have been off chemo now since September 15 when I went for my surgery. I hate it that even though I try to push myself to walk inside our loft, I feel so weak and sick when I feel like I should be improving. I can barely eat anything. My husband brought me a stash of good food, easy to prepare, and all I could force down this morning were a few sips of soup and some coffee. Maybe I have a virus. That’s what I thought at first when my fever seemed to lift the day of my pulmonology appointment and I felt a bit better for almost a day, but now I wonder what’s up.

Time to walk again and then drink some water and probably lie down again.

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5 responses to “progress report pleurodesis day 22 home 3

  1. Keep om keeping on, Your self-care is excellent!
    Sending a gentle hug ~Sandy ♣

  2. Dear Donna –
    I eagerly await your report each day, hoping against hope that you are better. I share your concern – one just can’t feel that tough and not worry. Still praying for you.

  3. Donna, I am sorry that you are still not feeling well, but I am so glad you are home. I hope you will find out much more information about what is going on with your body from your oncologist tomorrow. I am sending hugs and prayers your way XoXoXoXo

  4. I know you’re doing everything you can. I hate that you’re going through this, Donna. God, please, we’ve got to find a way to prevent breast cancer.

  5. My happy thoughts are coming your way to make you feel better and so are my prayers for someone “up there” to get busy and give you a break! Your always in my prayers ~ Cindy 😉

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