readmission UCIMC day 1

I went for my Xgeva injection but no appointment with my oncologist. They had rescheduled it. So instead I went to see my internist who did not like my fever and other symptoms and admitted me back into the hospital.

So I am back in the hospital undergoing tests to find out what is going on. I’m not happy to have to be here but looking forward to getting answers. I’m really hyper about all of this and hoping it is nothing more than a treatable infection, which is causing fever and frequent nausea. They sure took enough samples. Now I am trying to relax, something hard to do with all the prodding, poking and suctioning and the freezing fingers of nurses and doctors and lab techs.

They are gone now, so maybe I can warm up under about five blankets.

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12 responses to “readmission UCIMC day 1

  1. Thinking about you. Stay strong. The uncertainty is so hard, was there all last week. I know you don’t know me but I has mbc too and follow your blog.

    Gentle hugs and light to you!


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  2. You have had more than your share. Sure hope they can figure out where that fever is coming from and get it under control. Hate to know you are back in the hospital but that is where you need to be for now. Prayers keep coming your way. Lots of HUGS

  3. purdyfarmsbecky

    Oh dear Lady. I so hate to read this. Hope you will be home soon. Sending you my love and prayers.♥

  4. Roni (RaptorRapture)

    Well, a Friday is not a good day for this! Actually no day is really, but Friday being the start of a weekend means slow service and answers. Hopefully they can get it tied down real fast and give you something! Can’t believe they screwed up your oncologist visit either! Gheesh! Hang in there. I know you have to be frustrated beyond words…but try to relax and we will all think positive thoughts for your release soon! Hugs and Love!

  5. Donna, your frustration level has to be climbing. You do need to reconcile this fever to feel better so where you are is best. Sending you light (not in your room lol) and love.

  6. Wishing you the very best and that the reasons for the fever are found soon. Praying for a quick recovery for you. Love, and best wishes.

  7. Hope you are getting good rest tonight. Sending all my good energy to bring that fever down.

  8. Irma von Steinburg

    Dear Donna, I wish you from my heart that the cause of the fever is found soon. And I very much hope that the doctors and staff really treat you with care and precaution. Warm greetings from Irma

  9. So so sorry to hear you are going thru all this!

  10. I hope you have some meditation or Guided Imagery audios to help calm you. I hate that you’re in the hospital, but I hope they find the cause and are able to treat it.

  11. Oh no! I am so sorry that you are back in hospital. You’re right, it was probably something you picked up doing your exersize in the germy hallway. Many prayers from me to you

  12. Donna, I am sorry to hear this but I am hoping they can get the fever down and figure out what the problem is. You have been through so much. I am sending prayers and good thoughts your way. XoXoXo

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