readmission UCIMC day 3

Another eventful day. More blood cultures because they found some kind of bacterial infection that could end up being nothing. So, the nurse took blood from my port again, which is where they think the original problem might be, or else it was just contaminated (hoping for this), and the phlebotomist took blood from a vein, one of the last survivors in my right arm. Because of missing lymph nodes from my primary cancer’s surgery, we cannot use the left arm for blood pressure, injections or IVs.

One of the pulmonology fellows stopped by to connect a pump to the tube coming out of my lung to see if it will make me more comfortable by draining out some of the fluid, which is more than I can get from using my own kit to extract the fluid. They will keep it connected overnight.

Marvin also brought my own walker in because no one seemed to be able to find a walker for me to use here, and I really want to try to get up and do a little walking. While they say I need to rest, I also feel like I need to try to get a little movement. We will see how that goes. I may go five steps before I am overcome with fatigue.

In addition to a visit from my friend and, of course, Marvin, a young high-school student of music came to my room to ask whether I’d like to hear some violin music, which, of course, I did. She played a number of pieces including Czardas, a long-time favorite, and did just to all of them. She is sharing her talent by volunteering here on the weekend playing for patients. How lucky that she happened to pass my room for her last performance before going home for the day.

Thanks, again, for all the wonderful support. This has been a difficult and scary time for me, and I am appreciating all of your comments and encouragement. It makes my day to open a comment here or on FB from you. Thanks, again. I will stay in touch as much as possible and hope you will, too.

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12 responses to “readmission UCIMC day 3

  1. Oh how fantastic that the young lady stopped in with her violin. That is a wonderful to volunteer. It sounds like you are staying strong which makes all of the difference. Hoping that the infection can be taken care of easily so you can get back home. Much love to you Donna

  2. purdyfarmsbecky

    I love your smile while you were listening to the music! Pure bliss! Sending my love and prayers dear Lady. Now you have music to dance to in your dreams tonight! ♥

  3. Hope you have a restful evening and night. Thanks for keeping us updated on the details of your readmission.

  4. Beautiful music under trying circumstances is a true gift. In the radiation waiting room, we sometimes had a gal playing the smallest harp. It was amazing. Be blessed. Remember affirmations. “With perfect timing, everything I need comes to me.” “Every hand that touches me is a caring loving hand.”

  5. In case you’d like to hear about something other than cancer, I went to my high school reunion this weekend. LOL! What a hoot! It’s embarrassing to have to read someone’s name tag to figure out who they are. For the most part, the “girls” look much better than the “boys.”

    The star wide receiver of our football team came. I’d heard he was a longtime, terrible alcoholic and looked awful, but wasn’t prepared for the reality. He looks like one of those old, grizzled homeless men on the side of the road. Really shocking! The “cool” kids still think they’re “cool” and pretty much kept to themselves. You’d think that after all this time, we could just meet as people.

    I hope you have a good night, tonight. Thinking of you and including you in my prayers.

  6. Hi Donna! You’re one tough ole broad! Your determination and commitment amaze me!

    One of my boys was sitting with me when I opened your post to read…he said, mom, who is that lady. I said, she’s a gal who is bravely trying to get better and recover from a procedure. He said, tell her I’ll pray for her tonite and that I hope she’s better soon. I said, I will! So, from Texas…we send good thoughts and prayers!

  7. Roni (RaptorRapture)

    I see you dancing there with that walker! Good going there Lady. But not too many pushes, not just yet! Take care, and prayers and bright healing light are all for you! Hugs!

  8. The determination and fight that you have is so amazing. You warm my heart while I read your latest posts. Prayers are continuing to come your way.

  9. The smile on your face while she was playing for you is priceless. So wonderful to see that smile with everything that is going on with you! Continuing with lots of positive energy, thoughts, hugs and a whole lot of love coming to you all the way from Texas. Hope they find the source of the infection and get a handle on in really soon. Dream of that amazing music that was played for you today…I know that was such a wonderful treat!

  10. To comment on the post about high school reunions: Right on. But eventually you will all meet as people. From about 40th on, The Head Girl and Head Boy of my class (who had never had any idea that I existed) talked with me like an old friend. I discovered that they had encountered trauma and sadness in life, too. We all became humans just trying to get through life. j

    Meanwhile, I read your posts, Donna, with a mixture of awe and horror. Praying for you.

  11. I am happy to hear that you had a violin concert during this strange and unusual time. I continue to check in with you and always appreciate the follow ups on your posts. I know we still don’t know what is really going on, but I hope that you get some strength back and I am not surprised you wanted to walk. Crazy they didn’t have anything there to help you with walking. As always I send you my loving thoughts and prayers! XoXoXo

  12. You are brave to want to take those steps. Hey 5 is better than nothing. How lovely that the young musician played for you. That must have been a nice treat. I love young people who break the mold and stereotypes and volunteer. I had dogs come around to see me when I was in the hospital, (which was also a treat) but never a musician. Hang in there and feel better soon

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