readmission UCIMC day 2 addendum

Today I had so many probes and samples removed I am surprised I have any fluids left inside me. I also had a CT scan with contrast of my chest and abdomen. Interspersed with bouts of nausea and shortness of breath it was a bit of a challenging day. I am waiting for dinner now, which i hope to be able to eat at least a nibble or two after taking some anti-emetic medication. I managed to eat a salad and some noodles for lunch, so I am trying for something similar for dinner. I’m still getting an IV with saline plus antibiotics. I am wearing oxygen now because I returned from the CT scan feeling ready to pass out from the shortness of breath. My lung draining kit is in place, so I am hoping that by the time remove it I will feel a difference in my breathing.

In between all the procedures I met with my internist team a couple of times. Every time I got a full examination. My oncologist also came to see me, and we talked a while about what might be going on. I am avoiding speculating about what it might be and hoping that it is just a treatable infection in my lung fluid.

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5 responses to “readmission UCIMC day 2 addendum

  1. It is so hard not to let your mind move 10 steps ahead. I have a the same CAT scan with contrast tomorrow. Hoping our scans both show good news, which I guess at this point would be no new bad news!

  2. Hoping here also Donna~sending hugs.

  3. Unless you have some concrete information, try not to get ahead of yourself…. Who are we kidding? Our thoughts are going to be what they’re going to be, and it’s REALLY tough to do anything about them at this point.

  4. Just sending love…I hope to see you home again soon.
    Big hugs, Elizabeth

  5. So many questions….I am just going to send you positive healing thoughts and prayers as we see what lies ahead. XoXoXo

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