need steel toed boots

After all these complications I have learned from my oncologist that I am going to need some steel toe boots for the next leg of this adventure. Much to my unwilling and dismayed receipt of this news, apparently my cancer has progressed to my lungs and my liver. I figure i will need those boots to kick the spit out of this freaking disease. Or maybe medieval chains or club with the spikes..

The days are filled with doctors and nurses coming in and out of my room poking and prodding me till today I was feeling like I had had enough. Always someone new who needs the whole story again and again. Normally I am fine with this, but today was a bad day for me and I really wanted to shut the door to block out the world. Knowing that the cancer running around in your body is trying to conquer it does not make for a very happy camper. I told my husband and doctor today that the next person on the street who tells me, Oh, you have breast cancer, that’s the easy cancer, will receive a fine punch in the face,

I had one of the worst meetings today with someone whom I think must have been having an off day. Unfortunately, I did not appreciate it and ended up in tears for the remainder of the afternoon until a friend stopped by, followed by my husband and my doctor. They got me back on track—well, mainly my oncologist got me back on track. I can’t write about now because it is still too upsetting. Let’s just say that one of the team members spoke way out of place.

Now, all I want to do is to rest. The good news of the day was that I did not need any oxygen since early yesterday, and I was able to walk two rounds of the floor with only a minor break. Infectious diseases is looking at what they think is a bacterial infection of a not too dangerous type, and tomorrow I should know more about the plan.

My husband worked out a solution for me so I can post. Hope it works as I attempt to do it now. Thanks, everyone, for all your kind words.

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22 responses to “need steel toed boots

  1. purdyfarmsbecky

    Oh dear Lady. We are all here for you. Always sending my love and prayers, and now some boots also. Praying you have a restful night with dreams of dancing. ♥

  2. I can get you some virtual steel toed boots. Give me time to find a pair…

  3. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Never give up!

  4. Sending prayers and extra hugs to you Donna. I wish I could do it in person. Get ready to strap those boots on and kick away. Rest now so you will have the strength.

  5. Trish the Niteowl

    Keep up that fight girl. we are all sending many prayers your way and sporting our best steal toes boots to help you!! Many Hugs to you !

  6. Thinking of you, stay strong and anyone who doesn’t get with the plan and be positive around you should get a kick with your steel toed boots.

  7. Roni (RaptorRapture)

    So, you’re giving up the ballet slippers for metatarsal boots, huh! Well, look out cancer…she’s on the move again! In the background is the theme from Rocky! With the strength you have left, I know you will fight this as long as you possibly can. Until then, you have lots of support here and everywhere for you. Eagle wings above you, owl wings to enfold you, kitty kisses and bright healing light…In my heart….

  8. I wish I could kick “it” for you. You are my inspiration ♥

  9. I am joining with the many people who are praying for you. There are better days ahead. You will get your plan of attack and totally kick butt!!!

  10. Hang in there Donna and kick cancers ass once again. Only this time with steel toed boots. Going to the Metastatic Breast Cancer Network meeting this Saturday in Chicago so I can learn more. If you have anything you need me to check in to, just let me know. Love, hugs and Light!

  11. There are no words to tell you how my heart aches for you. You are such a fighter and the challenges just keep coming. All I can offer are my humble prayers and a million HUGS.

  12. I am sorry to hear about this disease progression. This is nasty business MBC.

  13. Dearest Donna,
    We’ve been chatting back and forth for so long and I am absolutely sick over this whole turn of events. I’m reading between the lines and not only will I punch the next person (and EVERY person) who ever refers to breast cancer as “easy” or “good” I would like to have a go at the “team member” who spoke inappropriately. I love your pure heart and you gentle soul, Donna. I’m with you every step of the way.
    Much Love,

  14. The medical profession needs to do a better job of teaching “bedside manner.” I can only imagine how upsetting that visit must have been. You are so loved and admired. Regardless of what you decide to do next, you have an army of people who are with you and praying for you and Marvin.

  15. Cindy Deutschmann

    Dearest Donna, so sorry to hear of the progression of the disease, but your fighting spirit, “steel toed boots” and all is so awe inspiring. Continue the fight, our prayers and hugs are with you. Come watch the Decorah Eagles with us when the cam is turned on. Love to dear lady.

    Cindy D.

  16. Hugs and hope—always hope. Rest, sweet lady, let us be the wind beneath your wings.

  17. Post is perfect Donna! Bless you my dear one, no one said life is easy… all we can to is face it with courage and love and self compassion! My heart and prayers are with you often and I see you smiling in my imagination. Blessings, more blessings and even more…

  18. I am livid that you had to deal with someone who clearly had no right to say anything to upset you, especially when you are going through such an intense time. The hospital is difficult enough with so many prodding and poking at you. I am so appreciative that you are sharing what is happening with us and all I can do is send you hugs and prayers. XoXoXo

  19. I don’t have any words either. Just that I am reading your story with you…sending you love and light and prayers.

  20. Thinking of you and hoping for the best. You are a wonderful person and my heart aches that you are going through this difficult time.

  21. Donna, so sorry to hear the latest and I’m with Anne Marie, I want to kick that team member’s butt too. Why can’t some people just keep their mouths shut. I have had similar experiences. I cannot believe anyone has ever told you that BC is the easy cancer. Ignorance is their problem. There are no easy cancers anyway. Sometimes people who haven’t had any experience with the disease say stupid things. And I’m sure you are so tired of the monotony of it all. I’m glad you have Marvin and know that there are many out here thinking of you who know how difficult it is

  22. Hang in there, Honey. You were born with steel-toed boots on your feet. And, I believe, you know how to use them.

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