readmission UCIMC day 7

The infectious diseases folks have determined that I have a coagulase negative staphylococcus bacterial infection in my port. They have offered various proposals for treating it including, ugh, removing the port, treating the infection, installing a PICC line in the interim and then reinstalling a port. I don’t have to tell you I did not really like this option, but we really need to get rid of this infection so we can start my chemotherapy. Yesterday, they decided, however, to do a treatment in the port while blocking all other access to the port. All my previously infused medications are now coming as either an injection or a pill. On a set schedule, they lock the port with a solution in the port. When it’s the time for treatment, they unlock the port and proceed with infusing vancomycin into the port. After the infusion, they lock the port again by filling it again with a lock solution, either heparin or saline.

The problem with bacterial infections in the port is that bacteria has a quality of stickiness that causes the little critters to cling both together and to the port-a-cath. We are hoping that this targeted treatment will overcome that characteristic. If so, we will be able to move forward to chemo sooner than if we have to remove the port then treat the infection.

My breathing has improved with this wonderful suction machine that they have going around the clock. This morning I took my first really deep breath and felt like I got a deep breath full of air. Most other times I would have to inhale or yawn a number of times before I was able to feel as though I got a good breath.

Yesterday brought a delightful afternoon in glorious contrast to my previous afternoon. While exercising in the afternoon, the medical students came by to see how I was doing. I told them I was doing a dance routine. Immediately, they asked if I would be willing to show them the dance. Haha. Little do they know. So I started teaching one while the other attended to another patient briefly. I could not make it through the routine, of course, so I showed the steps and then sat and talked her through the choreography that I had taught her in pieces. She was a star, even though she said she doesn’t dance at all. The other student returned, and I taught her the routine, so they both danced together. We had so much fun, and people passing my room were peeking in to see what was going on as the music of One Direction was not too loud to disturb others but enough that you could hear “What Makes You Beautiful” just outside my door. It really made my day, and that old teaching spirit was feeling fantastic even though I could not actually dance the routine with them. I hope I can find other willing participants.

Time for my first walk of the day around the floor.

Again, thank you for all your support. It is helping me gain strength so I can get out of here soon.

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19 responses to “readmission UCIMC day 7

  1. Donna, you put joy in my heart. I love you, lady!

  2. Ditto to what Sandy said!

  3. Ditto what Sandy said…love you teaching those students…probably made their day as well!

  4. I am so happy that you had such a good time with the young people! I hope you continue to have some happy time each day until you can go home. Sounds like they know and are “fixing” the problems you were having with the port. – I’m sending you happy thoughts and good vibes this afternoon. Catch them? Hope so.

  5. Roni (RaptorRapture)

    Glad to hear the teacher came out in you and you were able to spread that sunshine and knowledge around. We’ll just call you Twinkle-Toes from now on! Hugs!

  6. Nothing makes us feeling better than being able to help someone else. It must have felt great to help those students, and I’m sure it brought them joy in their otherwise serious day.

  7. I am so happy you had such a good day yesterday! Keep on dancing! Happy to hear they know where and are treating the infection now, so hope they don’t have to remove the port. As you can see, you are very special to so many people and have so much to give….you not only put a smile on the young peoples faces but I bet there was a big smile on your beautiful face as well. Stay strong and keep your dancing steel toe boots on! Sending positive energy, thoughts, lots of love and Hugs to you from Texas!

  8. Dear Lady….I can hear the smile in your words. Your post put tears of joys in my eyes. Keep dancing, and never stop. Love and prayers. ♥

  9. Cindy Deutschmann

    So wonderful they were able to identify and start treating the infection so you can get home. Sounds like you have a wonderful day yesterday teaching the young ladies a dance routine. You are such an inspiration. Continued prayers and (((hugs))).

  10. Donna, you are such an inspiration to us all. you are in my prayers for quick recovery. hugs to you and your family. Hurry and get well so you can come back to chat.

  11. Donna I am so glad we know what the problem is, even though it’s uncomfortable. I am so thrilled you taught some choreography yesterday. How fantastic! Talk about dancing in the light and making the most of your day at the hospital. You are amazing! Love, hugs and prayers…! XoXoXo-Susan

  12. Good for you precious Lady… wish they would have made a Utube out of the dance……Keep on dancing till you can’t dance another step.. and then dance some more!!!!

  13. You always amaze me Donna, now you are teaching a routine to the students at the hospital. I can picture it and love the visual. Fantastic!

  14. Donna, you are still keeping dance alive. Love it!! I’m sure you’ll have more students soon, maybe even a class! Glad to hear you’re feeling a little better. Keep on keepin’ on!

  15. Air, glorious air!! So glad you are breathing deeply again. And, as I remember well, you are a very good dance teacher. Wish I could come join the med students. Sounds like a good time was had by all.

  16. Let’s get your next dance lesson on YouTube.

  17. AWESOME!!!!!! Gotta love laughter, music, dance and prayer…what great medicine!! Keep it going sweet Donna!!

  18. I love it that you shared your dancing skills! You really are an amazing women Dancing Lady!

  19. Wonderful. You got some lemon and you made lemonade. I wish you could teach me your dance routine. ♥

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