trying to maintain reasonable temperature

I am almost afraid to say that it has been a calm day so far as I know there are still enough hours in the day for that visit to UCIMC. I have been doing my best to keep my temperature in the 100.x range, below the toxic 101, which sends me to the emergency room. Drinking lots of water and hoping that the antibiotic treatment that I am executing twice a day to my port with Vancomycin® will start working soon and end the constant fevers.

The home health care nurse will come tomorrow to change my port access, thank goodness, as the tape that is holding it in place is becoming frayed and loose. I do not touch it nor put any other kind of tape over existing old tape as this whole bacterial contamination business is just too tricky to mess with. I am merely trying to keep anything from touching the area so that the tape will not come off any further. Trying to bathe or shower with this in place is a real pain in the neck.

It has been hot out (mid-90s), so I have stayed inside, resting in between doing some writing on the computer, but mostly resting. Guess it’s time again to relax a bit and keep this fever at 100.5 or lower.

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11 responses to “trying to maintain reasonable temperature

  1. Donna,
    When your email arrived minutes ago, I raced to read it, hoping nothing else had gone wrong, today. At this point, staying out of the hospital is something to cheer about. Tomorrow, I will race again to read how you are doing, and pray that your fever is totally gone. Yes, drink lots of water and give those antibiotics a chance to do their job.


  2. Hope you can keep that fever down dear Lady! Sending my love and prayers. Stay cool tonight while you are dancing in your dreams! ♥

  3. You are amazing to be writing with a fever! Thank you and sending you cooling dreams and cooling temps…

  4. Just an FYI for showers…use the Glad press and seal wrap to cover bandages…my mom used that with her huge breast wounds after surgery…hopping your fever breaks!

  5. This battle you are going through must be so tiring. I hope your temperature goes to normal and all these infections stop attacking you. Your fella sounds like such a great guy getting you to the ER. You’ve both been through so much recently. I pray you get peace and calm.

  6. Thinking of you as always. Just sayin’

  7. Dancing in my heart ,you are, dear Donna, I hope your fever subsides and soon your family will come and that will be so… nice to visit with them. Hug’s to you and Marvin

  8. Your strength is unbelievable! Your positive attitude amazes and inspires me. Prayers are continuing for you:)

  9. Happy to hear that today, Sunday was uneventful… at least until you posted above! The HHC nurse will help to put your mind to rest tomorrow and it’s downhill from here! I demand it dear Donna… love and hugs and Blessings…

  10. So glad the fever stayed below the level that lets you stay at home. Looking forward to hearing the port is handled better by the visiting nurse. You continue to amaze me with your unwavering positivity. Hugs and prayers still coming your way. XoXoXo….

  11. Roni (RaptorRapture)

    Sounds like you have a plan and are executing that plan with your usual efficiency! Lot’s of fluids and rest and care in handling the port. A change of tape tomorrow will be welcomed! Int he meantime, keep those thoughts coming and get them in print for all of us who are not there and cannot see how you are doing. It is a highlight of my day to read what’s going on there. Family is arriving when? Hopefully in shifts that will not over tax you right now as you need your reserves for battle. I have some which you may borrow should you need them. In the meantime, think of beautiful music and dancing on point. Tutu’s??? Not so much those! LOL! Hugs and love!

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