seeking renewed supply of patience

Fever is still with me especially during the afternoon hours when it kicks up to the mid 100.x or a bit higher. I keep tabs on it with my thermometer, but I can tell by the way that I feel that I am still sick. Today was another day of mostly napping and lying down. I hate this kind of existence as I don’t have much patience. It has been a full month since my surgical procedure on 9-15-12, and I expect to be feeling better. I don’t know whether this antibiotic treatment is not working or what. If not, maybe they are going to have to remove the port and just get on with it. I know I cannot continue to have this infection running my life and keeping me from getting my valuable chemotherapy. I am really anxious about getting started with that, but I don’t think that is going to happen until my body indicates that the infection is on its way out.

Today the home health care nurse changed my port needle, but the home office gave her a needle with two ends instead of just one. That means I have an additional step in flushing my port because aspirating the main line draws blood up into the secondary part, and that needs flushing now too. It’s not difficult; it’s just that I am so exhausted from this blasted infection that everything seems to be an effort.

Patience has left the building, so I am going to try to cultivate more as I know I really need a better supply than I have currently. Seeking donations.

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10 responses to “seeking renewed supply of patience

  1. Sending you lots of patience dear Lady! I have a lot of extra I will gladly give to you. Hope you are feeling better tomorrow. Sending my love and prayers. Dreams of dancing! ♥

  2. It was good to see you on the #BCSM Twitter chat. I’m hoping it lifted your spirits in some way, to “talk” with friends. Sounds like the Three Stooges are running the home health care office. I would be short of patience at this point as well.

    Perhaps you can take some breaths, close your eyes, and envision yourself dancing to your favorite music, in a fabulous outfit! All eyes are on you; the audience is clapping, and you’ve never danced better.

  3. How much patience can one be expected to have? You have done such a terrific job so far and you are being pushed to your limit. Time to have a small pity party and then pull up your boot straps and get back in the fight:) You are one special lady. Prayers will continue to come your way.

  4. Sending you heaps of love. Was so happy to hear your voice in real time on tonight’s chat.

  5. Roni (RaptorRapture)

    I am sending you my unused portion of patience today. I may not have extra tomorrow tho, but I will try to reserve some for you. But today is almost over and this will just go to waste with me having it. It’s yours! I hear it is extra strength, so be careful with it! Hugs and bright healing light!

  6. Cindy Deutschmann - from the Decorah nest

    You will have the patience you need to deal with everything, right now you are just overwhelmed because of the infection. You are so brave and strong I know you will do it. Sending you hugs, love and patience.

  7. I don’t have much to spare either, but you can have what I do. I know how helpless and useless you must feel right now. I have been there. My mantra may be corny but I whisper, “this too shall pass” when I need to.

  8. I like Kate’s mantra. I will use it,too. I am low on patience today but I will send you a bunch from my Ernie—-he has more than enough! 🙂 I am sending you glorious healing energy aimed right at that infection. I bet you can feel it.

  9. You can have all my patience, I am sending it via air waves.It’s very understandable that your would be low. I am also sending you loads of good energy to help fight that infection so you can feel better soon. Hug’s

  10. Sending you mine extra patience, will work on some more tomorrow ♥

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