avoiding dehydration and a clogged port-a-cath

Overall, today was the best of several recent days. I woke up with the typical nausea, but it subsided rather quickly. My home care nurse came to check on me, and part of that included checking my port when I told her I had problems yesterday trying to aspirate the port before infusing the Vancomycin®. She experienced the same problem and was unable to take the blood culture samples that she came for in the first place. My port just did not want to yield any blood, which was worse than it was yesterday. The blood that was coming out of the port, also, seemed to have a lot of little bubbles. She thought that I might be dehydrated, which was not a farfetched suggestion because I have been drinking less over the last couple of days than previously. Admittedly, it has been harder to drink when I am just sitting here for most of the day without much activity or appetite for food or drink.

Anyway, she ordered some medication that she will bring tomorrow to infuse through my port to unblock it in case that is the problem. Hopefully, we will be successful tomorrow in clearing the port so we can get the blood samples for the cultures. Surprisingly, even though it was impossible to remove blood, it was still possible, though not without effort, to flush the port and to infuse the antibiotic and then lock the port again with heparin.

It was another day with an errand midday and then a meal afterward, which I felt good enough to do away from home. It was refreshing to be outside since the temperature was hovering around the high sixties and low seventies with a beautiful breeze. Staying home is such a drag, even when feeling too sick to go out. I can’t even say home much I hate being inside when it’s beautiful out, which is most days here in Long Beach. With my niece here it has been very difficult for me to know that I could not go anywhere with her nor take her to my favorite places, but today’s outing and meal at a restaurant made me feel a bit restored. I took some Tylenol® to keep my temperature in control, and that seemed to work for the late afternoon.

Now it’s time to drink some water and lie down to rest. Till tomorrow., thanks again for all the encouragement and words of support.

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8 responses to “avoiding dehydration and a clogged port-a-cath

  1. Roni (RaptorRapture)

    So glad to hear you made it outside today and got to enjoy both the weather, and the company. Add into that a good meal that someone else cooks and cleans up after and it’s a triple play! Down the water like it’s wine, and rest up fir tomorrow’s “Big Flush”…hugs and bright healing light!

  2. I bet getting out and about really lifted your spirits! Ahhh, fresh air. Best wishes for continued healing. Love, Kathryn

  3. purdyfarmsbecky

    So glad to hear you got some real fresh air today! Hope your nurse can fix the port tomorrow. Sending you love and prayers, and dreams of dancing! ♥

  4. Yes, drink that H2O as it is so good for everything. It sounded like a good day and tomorrow can be even better. I’m happy you still have your niece with you.Stay blessed.

  5. One day at a time and this one sounded like a good one!! So happy for you when a day is spent like this:) I marvel at your fighting spirit and pray for you each day ❤

  6. Being outdoors does wonders to lift the spirits so I can see why you want to do that as much as possible! We can all be thankful that you live where the weather is beautiful most days. Let’s pray those ocean breezes carry away that fever and the problems with the port along with it! Healing thoughts and prayers are frequently going up for you Donna.

  7. A change of scenery, a breath of fresh air all gives a body a renewed sense of clarity. Creativity, inspiration, spirituality, appreciation, a smile all are born from a breathe of fresh air! How wonderful to hear your niece is still there with you. Rest well, the dance is beginning soon. Gotz to get ready!

  8. Wanted to let you know i was thinking about you.So nice to hear your niece is still visiting and you are all able to enjoy an outing together. Take care

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