infection gone but fever continues

My home care nurse came today with medication to clear my port. Even after a near two-hour infusion of that medication, the port was still very sluggish in giving up blood for the culture samples that she needed. There were fewer bubbles in the blood than yesterday, but it was still pretty slow going until it just stopped altogether. The flush with saline seemed to proceed better than yesterday but still more slowly than it seems it should.

After a discussion we think maybe the new port needle that she inserted at the last needle change last week might be causing the problem. She said it is a smaller gauge than the one that I started off with, the usual size that I get from the hospital or the infusion center, with yellow wings. She is going to bring that size needle tomorrow and change it out again to see if that is the culprit of the flow problem.

A little later my oncology nurse called to say that my blood cultures from both the port and peripheral samples all turned up negative, meaning that the infection is gone. When I asked about the fever, she said my oncologist noted that sometimes a cancer tumor can cause someone to run a fever as the body can react to it as though it is a foreign body, which it is. She said to keep monitoring it as I have been and to take Tylenol® for control and comfort. If it gets higher than 101, however, it’s the usual advice to come to the emergency room.

The last day of my niece’s visit was quiet though we managed a quick trip for lunch to a bakery/sandwich shop which specializes in French macarons, a  most delectable treat. After that we spent a brief time at my favorite spot at the Long Beach marina enjoying the sunshine and ocean breeze. Having my niece here has been refreshing and heartening, and we will miss her company, as I’m sure her family missed her while she visited us. She definitely put sparkle in our day, and I could not be more grateful for all the help she provided during this time. Everyone should be so lucky.

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4 responses to “infection gone but fever continues

  1. Thank you for bringing us up to date. I’m glad your blood work is improving and as important – for the wonderful time with your niece and macaroons (how I love them).

    Hugs to you,

  2. Happy the infection is gone. Now to work on that fever! Sorry the visit with your niece is over, but I bet you have some warm memories. Sending my love and prayers, and wishes of dreams of dancing! ♥

  3. I imagine it really was nice, having your niece there. A good change of pace and a fresh, young face is just what the doctor orders to brighten your spirits. Wish I was nearby. I would love to visit with you in person, but since I’m not, I send you lots of love.

  4. Wonderful that you live close enough to go to the marina it sound’s like a wonderful place. The infections gone that is good news. Jealous of those macaroons I am sure they were yummy. Take care, Hug’s too you.

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