antibiotic treatment complete for port-a-cath infection

Now that the infection in my port is gone, I will try to regain some endurance with some physical therapy that I need to do. All of the hospitalization has left me weaker again after having gained back a little of my strength while in rehab. The infection robbed a lot of that.

My niece left today to return home to Michigan, and I reluctantly said goodbye. I know she must be looking forward to being in her own home again with her hubby and daughter. She sure brought me a lot of joy and comfort during this rough period.

Coincidentally, my home care nurse came for her last visit today, also. She changed the needle on my port from the one with black wings to one with yellow wings, which is what they usually use at the infusion center unless I need a different needle for a scan. I can’t remember what color that one is. Anyway, as soon as she put that needle in and tested flushing it, it worked as smooth as always. So, the problem with the flow was not a blocked port but the needle itself. We completed the last infusion of the Vancomycin® with  no trouble at all. After she finished, she removed the needle, leaving me needle free from my port for the first time in ages. With my sensitivity to the adhesive that is used in the patch cover they place over the needle, it feels great to be free of that.

I was so tired today I just took it easy and watched some television in between napping. After a couple of poor nights of sleep I think I still need to catch up a bit over the next couple of days. I wonder whether the fever adds to the fatigue and overall weakness. I’m still trying to drink lots of water, which I am better at when I have some pressure from the peanut gallery. I guess I will need to do it on my own as I don’t want to get dehydrated again and have problems with my port when I go for chemo this Friday.

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10 responses to “antibiotic treatment complete for port-a-cath infection

  1. purdyfarmsbecky

    Happy to read that you don’t have the port needle anymore. I remember the relief when I got rid of my PICC line. In my mind, sleep cures all ills! Can you drink something like Gatorade for your dehydration? Sending you love and prayers, and wishes for dreams of dancing! ♥

  2. Thank goodness that the infection is cleared up. I would imagine a fever has got drain you somewhat. Please keep drinking water so you stay hydrated. You sure don’t need that problem. You are in my prayers as always:)

  3. Roni (RaptorRapture)

    Hooray for the infection being gone…and yes, the fever does take it out of you. Your body internally has been working overtime to fight it off, which is what generates the fever. But now that the infection is gone, the fever should also go, and your strength should return…slowly, but surely. In the meantime, drink lots of fluids and try to get some electrolytes into you to help your body along. You’ve got lots of cheerleaders out here! Hugs and bright healing light for you.

  4. So glad the infection is cleared up. Google “dehydration and cancer.” Don’t know how medically correct any of them are, but they do give pause for thought. Either way, drink more water!

  5. Donna! Drink more water! (from another peanut) 🙂 Wishing you luck on Friday, I’m sure it’s something you’re both looking forward to, and also not. Sending you healing vibes and energy…close your eyes and feel it. Much love,

  6. Maybe we should all send you a memo each day to remind you to drink, drink, drink water. 🙂

  7. There are other bandages they can use after accessing your port. They use one for me that is brown with a waffle like weave and a gentle adhesive, non irritating and peels off easily. It has a special name which eludes me. A different port bandage, even for a few hours makes a difference in our comfort if necessary. Glad your infection has cleared.

  8. Drink, drink drink your water Donna, there’s a reminder. Wish you didn’t have to endure even things like the wrong needle. Thankful your infection is gone and the fever soon. Being rested is very important for so many reasons. Take care and drink more water. What about some pomegranate juice with sparkling water.

  9. I am happy to be part of your peanut gallery, Donna!

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