Halaven (eribulin) 1

After Friday’s anaphylactic reactions to Doxil®, I was a little nervous on my way to the infusion center. That is the first time I have felt any apprehension because Friday was such an overwhelming experience. My blood pressure was high, and they let me settle in and calm down before taking it again and getting a better, lower, reading.

Linda, my favorite oncology nurse treating me in the infusion center, was there today to take care of me again, and it was a relief seeing her after Friday’s events. The preparation for Halaven® (eribulin) is less extensive: no steroids and only Zofran® to ward off nausea plus some infusion solution before the push (injection). It was not time consuming at all, but they were being very cautious with me today to make sure I was not going to have a reaction even though eribulin is not known, like Doxil, to cause adverse reactions. I was glad to hear that.

I am still having these fevers that I am having to control during the day and into the late afternoon and evening with cold drinks, ice compresses and Tylenol®. I am exhausted today, so it will probably be an early night to bed. Tomorrow I will be waiting for my Neupogen® to arrive; I will be giving myself an injection from day 2 through day 6 to help restore my white blood count that becomes depleted by this chemo.

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8 responses to “Halaven (eribulin) 1

  1. Glad that today went better for you! Sending you love and prayers, and wishes for dreams of dancing. ♥

  2. Hang in there Donna, tough times need tough people and you are one. (yeah, I know…you’re probably sick of hearing that, I get it) just know that we’re following you and through your blog and facebook, we’re connected, somewhat, in our busy times. You are always in my thoughts, (and I do mean that) just know that and feel the healing vibes coming your way. Keep the faith.
    Much love,

  3. Sorry to hear you are feverish Donna but happy everything else went well.
    It would be comforting to have your favorite nurse, I would think.I bet you are exhausted and hope you can rest and feel rested. Love and Hug’s to you.

  4. Anyone would be exhausted after your last episode. It was nice to hear Linda was there to put you at ease. Favorite nurses rock. Neupogen—I was the gal that often fainted when I got a needle. Yet I managed to give myself those shots when I had to. I had to lay down after the first time. Life has a way of beating some fears out of us. But I have to say, I felt very good about that accomplishment. 🙂

  5. Prayers for a night of restorative sleep for you dear lady. I find it amazing that you continue to comfort us by keeping us informed when you are the one who needs the most comforting. I so wish there was something I could do for you. Don’t forget to keep well hydrated during this time. ♥♥♥

  6. Thinking of you Donna

  7. Bless you Donna. Your attitude will always amaze me. Prayers never stop for you and somehow I hope you will continue to know that. You are one very brave lady.

  8. Hi Donna. Sorry I am a day late, but I am so happy you have had you Halaven and I am hoping it serves you well. Hopefully today your neupogen goes well and you start feeling better from this new chemo medication. I had a tooth pulled yesterday (I’m fine…just looking for some sympathy!), so that’s why I am behind. Hugs and prayers are with you as I catch up today. XoXoXoXo-Susan

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