Neupogen injections for five days

All day I spent half asleep or in a deep dream as it seems the events of the last few days have worn me out. I felt sick with nausea this morning till I took my Compazine®, and after that it eased up and I was able to relax. Retching for any length of time is not just unappealing, it is also tiring. I am hoping that as I ease into this new regimen, all of these crazy symptoms will lighten up. I sit all day long with a thermometer to monitor this stupid fever that wants to keep spiking. I can tell when I start feeling a bit warm, though sometimes it is weird that I feel like I am breaking out in a sweat only to find that the temperature has dropped, usually after I take Tylenol® or put ice on my head.

I started injecting my Neupogen® to help ward off the neutropenia (low white blood-cell count), and I do this in my tummy or thigh five days following each chemo. That means I will do it this week and then next for five days after my day 8 chemo of the 21-day cycle. The syringes this time are preloaded and have a very thin needle, so it is not really an issue to inject myself. Last time I had to do this, I had to fill the syringes from a vial, so it was a bit more to it. The needles this time also have a shield that cover the needle after you finish the injection. I have a sharps container for disposal of the syringes.

When I first got chemo, it always affected me two days later. Now it seems to hang with me without any particular schedule, so I’m just going with the flow. I suppose my lesson in all of this is learning that I control my direction less than I once had thought and becoming more flexible. Who’d have thunk.

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3 responses to “Neupogen injections for five days

  1. After all this and you have to inject yourself too You,may not feel it, but to me you are really a strong woman and I admire you strength and courage so much. Sounds a bit un-comfy with the thermometer in your mouth.I hope the fever goes away soon. Love and hug’s to you dear Donna

  2. I don’t know where you’re getting the strength to do this, my dear Donna. I’m simply amazed and stand in awe of you, and at the same time, I think all breast cancer researchers should have to read every single one of your blog posts, so it becomes more real for them. There are real women out here who are doing everything they can to stay alive….

    What would you think of me writing about this on my blog this week? I don’t have to mention your name, but I’d like to chronicle what you’re going through. Please email me and let me know.

    Sending love and many prayers, as I do, daily.

  3. You give me so much inspiration dear Lady! Thank you for sharing your life with us. Sending you love and prayers, and wishes for dreams of dancing! ♥

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