ready for weekend relief

Another day of nausea and exhaustion. I don’t know whether the chemo is still making me feel out of it, but today was a day of nothing much more than naps in between watching some television. My body is aching all over, and the nausea has been coming and going throughout most of the morning and afternoon. Maybe it will ease up this evening. Thank goodness for the Compazine®. The temperature was also the usual ups and downs though not as extreme today as it has been the last couple of days. I am hoping the weekend will bring some relief.

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7 responses to “ready for weekend relief

  1. Roni (RaptorRapture)

    Hoping so for your sake, too! I hate that feeling of being almost ready to throw up at any moment! Makes you just want to lay/sit still so as not to encourage it. The compazine works pretty good, but sometimes nothing really seems to help (tho without it, you’d be doing a Linda Blair interpretation). Small consolation when you feel like cwap tho! I hope tomorrow is better and the sun shines and you can get out a bit and enjoy the weather. Until then…sweet dreams, owl wings, eagle guides and lots of love.

    • Zoloft was my miracle nausea reliever. I took it with the Compazine. Bad enuf to have to go thru this, you shouldn’t have to suffer this much. Marijuana and/or Ativan made me sleepy and spacey but not care so much about any of it which offers a different kind of relief.

  2. Donna,
    Can you get some weed for the nausea? Just sayin’….Melissa Ethridge was on Wendy Williams show today and talking about her fight with cancer. Wendy asked her if she smoked pot and she said “Yes, I do, actually and during my treatments it saved me and I’m and advocate for that” “I would encourage anyone going through chemo to look into it if it’s legal in your state”. I don’t know it that’s an option but I know many people who’ve used it during chemo and reported great results….just a thought. Hang in there.
    Much love,

  3. Hi Donna, I am so sorry about the nausea. I read Joey’s suggestion and they also sell sucking candies that really help with the nausea without having to smoke anything. They are mild and you can still feel clear headed but without the nausea. I really relate because I had a terrible time with my primary chemo and nausea and the sucking candies really helped me. Everybody is different so I don’t know if that’s an option that could bring you some relief. I am not surprised that you are so tired. You really have been through a lot. Meanwhile I am hoping the nausea lifts and the weekend gets better. Meanwhile I send you prayers, hugs, and positive thoughts as I keep hoping the Halaven agrees with you. Love-Susan

  4. I am thinking of you and hoping the weekend will bring you some relief. I so hope. Love and hug’s to you.

  5. Prayers are continuing for you Donna. I’m so sorry that you are having such a hard time with feeling sick. Hopefully today you are feeling a little better and can catch some sunshine.

  6. So sorry you are having side effects from your chemo…hope it subsides today and weather permitting you get out in the fresh air and sunshine! Sending positive energy, thoughts, lots of love and big hugs your way!

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