Halavan (eribulin) 2 and lessons in preventing nausea

The staff at the UCIMC infusion center always have something new to teach me. Today, it was a lesson on preventing nausea instead of treating it after it occurs. Sounds like both a logical and a good idea. They sent me away with instructions on alternating Zofran® with Compazine® in order to allay the nausea from happening. My current method has not been working so well, and that is what brought up the subject. I’m getting it that trying to swallow a pill when you are already retching is less successful than preventing it in the first place. I am going to follow these new instructions.

Last time I went to the infusion, following the ordeal with Doxil, I was nervous enough to push my blood pressure up. Today, it was back to normal, and I even had a normal temperature. The infusion center was quiet today with less of the commotion than we normally witness when I go for treatment. Linda did my blood work for the required labs and then assigned me to a room where I would wait for lab results and then get treatment. I also saw my physician’s assistant, who is the one who advised me about the nausea treatment. My lab results came back good and showed the Neupogen® effect on my white blood cell count; anemia has been with me since I got mets, so those readings were fairly typical though a little low. That is another explanation for the fatigue and weakness, which I always forget. The first time I noticed it, I could barely walk up two or three stairs. Before that I did not realize how much of an effect anemia can have on one’s overall energy. Naturally, if your blood is failing to supply the required oxygen to your heart and lungs, you simply do not have the breath to power yourself through certain movements.

Because my white blood cell count was about double the norm because of the Neupogen, I will forego the shots this week. I am happy for that news as it means the side effects for that drug, lots of bone pain, will also be stalled.

After chemo today we drove by the marina so I could get some fresh air. I happened to see a seal playing in the water, which was rather fun as they are so cute to watch. It was rolling back and forth and diving and coming back over the top of the surface. Although I caught a photo, it was really only a glimpse of the seal. I will just keep the memory.

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6 responses to “Halavan (eribulin) 2 and lessons in preventing nausea

  1. Good photo of your wonderful Marvin. It sounds like you were given some very useful information today, on treating the nausea prior to it happening. That should really help.The marina, fresh air and spotting the seal makes for a fun day. Your in my thoughts Donna. Take care, Love and hug’s sending extra energy your way.

  2. Roni (RaptorRapture)

    Oh…it sounds like it was a good day for you and for getting information on how to fight the nausea. Good! And the anemia which I had not even considered is really relevant to your ability to recover quickly. And your being so tired! I am glad we now know that! While it may not have been the best day for you, I think it was a day with lots of info that hopefully will give you better days ahead as far as being sick! And no shots for the week. That’s gotta help, too! Hugs and continued love and support to you Dancing Lady!

  3. Hang in there Donna, I’m still thinking of you.
    Peace and love,

  4. So glad to hear you had a better day…learning new things to help control the side effects, that your blood pressure and temperature was normal…yeah, yeah, yeah!! Also glad to hear your blood count is doing well. Also glad you all were able to drive by the marina, get some fresh air and also see a seal playing. Would love to see a seal one day in their own habitat. My friend on the sailboat with MBC has swam with seals in the Galapagos Islands a few years back…how exciting that would be. She said they are very curious animals. That’s been her favorite place in the whole world. Don’t hear from her much just know they have gone through the Panama Canal and are now in the Pacific ocean maybe heading up the coast Northward toward Baja California. I also noticed today that you all are still having hot weather but that it is to cool down some toward the end of the week with some sunny days. Hope you are able to enjoy another adventure outside soon in the fresh air and sunshine. So glad I stayed on the computer a few more minutes tonight…Remember to drink plenty of water, a little at a time, keep dancing in your toed steel boots along with me! Sweet dreams, positive energy, lots of love and big ((((HUGS)))) coming to you from me!

  5. Nice to read a rather positive report. Funny how little things can make such a big difference. What you learned today will be put to good use and hopefully help to ward off that awful nausea. Prayers as always and lots of hugs.

  6. If you can get ahead of the nausea things sound like they are looking up with the Halaven. Nice to see you drop in to Tweetchat last night. I hope the new method for the nausea helps and the Halaven continues to bring great days ahead. Hugs and XoXoXo-Susan

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