good day though wacky temperature

With the new regimen of Compazine® and Zofran®, alternating throughout the day, I woke up without the nausea that I have had constantly. It feels good to be free of that; I hope this schedule of drugs will continue to bring relief. Today I am taking it easy as chemo always causes a lot of fatigue, but I am so far feeling not too bad, a whole lot better than I had been feeling Sunday, the day prior to this chemo. I have even been walking a bit around the loft, trying to get this sorry legs to do the job they are supposed to do. That constant fight to do something when you feel so exhausted is a struggle that is hard to describe. My nurse yesterday told me about how good it is to stay active, and I replied that while that is always my motivation, having lost so much strength from the last month has made it difficult for me to do much because the strength I lost makes me very unstable. I am not afraid to do something, but I know that I tend to try more than I should and realize that the last thing I need is to fall. Anyway, it was a new nurse that took care of me and does not really know me, so I understand her rationale to urge me to try to be active. I think I know my body well enough to know when I need rest and movies as opposed to hobbling around on unsteady legs.

I am doing well with my water consumption, owing to my setting an alarm on my iPhone to remind myself to drink two ounces every fifteen minutes. It sounds so simple, but I can attest that fifteen minutes is a very brief time. At least it is not difficult to drink only two ounces at a time; that’s much better than trying to drink a cup at a time, which seems like more than I can bear. One thing that does help is the water flavoring that comes in a little squirt bottle with very few ingredients; one or two little squirts in a 32-ounce bottle helps when water just seems unpalatable. When you are doing normal activity, I think it is easier to drink water than when you are sitting around most of the time.

I so wish the water consumption would ease the fever issues. Got to go cool down.

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8 responses to “good day though wacky temperature

  1. It sounds like things are going better, especially now that you are ahead of the nausea. Of course you know your body, & I am sure the nurse meant well, still you know exactly how to pace yourself. So far I think the Halaven is going well without needing more neupogen. I wish the fever would get under control but hopefully in time it will. Ads everyday my thoughts and prayers are with you Donna. Extra hugs and XoXoXo-Susan

  2. Glad you are getting ahead on the nausea…

  3. That is great that the nausea is under control, it has to be such a relief. You are doing well to get 2 oz. of water down every 15 minutes. I myself am not good at staying hydrated. Hope tomorrow brings an even better day. Wish you could get rid of the fever. I doagree, I think you know your body very well and just do what you feel you can. Take care Love and Hug’s

  4. Roni (RaptorRapture)

    Am glad to hear your new recipe for nausea is working well. And that nurse, well, ignore her. She has her standard language to use for others, but you know your limits and what you do not want to do is fall, injure yourself and end up back in rehab again! So, you get up when there are people there and noit when you are alone. Hugs and love to ya!

  5. Sending you prayers and hugs! Sounds like a positive day. You deserve more of them. Bless you

  6. BreastCancerSisterhood

    I’m so relived for you that you’ve gotten the nausea under control. Now if you can just do the same with your fever, I bet you’ll feel much better.


  7. Hang in there Donna, this too shall pass. As the chemo days pass…it should get better…keep pushing on, that’s all you can do. Thinking of you.
    joey~ xox

  8. Thinking of you … Praying God’s Mercy carries the day.

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