Mystery Fever Continues

Donna’s condition pretty much remains unchanged. The doctors are still trying to find the source of the mystery fever. It  hovers just under 103 degrees at it’s peak times. It leaves her tired and without energy. Otherwise, she is doing fine. She’s not in any pain, just the usual side effects from chemo and the cancer, which is enough. All she thinks about is getting relief from the fevers and going home.

We both have a lot of confidence in the medical staff and we are sure they’ll find out what’s going on

We both thank you for all your well wishes. Donna will be home soon, she just needs to get over this bump in the road.


20 responses to “Mystery Fever Continues

  1. Thanks for the update Marvin…still praying here and sending good vibes. I hope Donna is home with you soon.

  2. Thank you for the update. Sending my love and prayers to you both. ♥

  3. Give your sweet woman our love, Marvin and thanks for keeping us posted.

  4. Marvin,
    You are a good man; a great husband and caregiver. I know it’s not easy. I’ve been there. It’s like running a continual marathon but not knowing when the water station will appear. You’re nurse, companion, cheerleader, grocery shopper and so much more. It’s a continual marathon for Donna as well, only she’s running for her life. You both have so much courage, and I admire you both.

    Sending love & prayers for both of you. Give Donna a hug from me.

  5. Roni (RaptorRapture)

    Thanks, Don. We needed an update and you gave it. I can now go to bed and know she is hanging in there tonight. I hope you will , too. I also have been on the caregiver side, and also have been on the cancer side. Hard work for you, I know. But Donna is strong, a fighter, loves you and brings a certain strength to you I am sure. Hugs to both of you and healing light and owl wings and eagles.

  6. Thank you for the update on Donna. She continues to be in my prayers. I also pray for you, the ‘caregiver’. It is not an easy job watching a loved one go thru all of this hell. Please take good care of yourself as well as sweet Donna.

  7. Dear precious Donna prayers are going up for you and marvin.just keep kicking in those steeltoes shoes.we love you so much RUTH.

  8. I agree with every word Brenda said. You both are amazing. Sending love and light. gecole

  9. Thanks Marvin for the update, your a sweetheart. Donna I hope your fever is gone and that you will be home soon resting comfortably. Love and Hug’s to you.Your always in my thoughts.

  10. Hi Donna

    I have been checking in on your blog from time to time, I am also on Halaven for liver mets and nodules found in chest wall. I’ve been taking from
    April and so far have great results from preliminary scans in August.
    I have continued treatment and will re-scan again in early December,”
    As you know I have to keep up the Neupogen shots ……..I am holding faith for you so don;t give up sister……

    Driving on E

  11. Thanks, Marvin, for the update. Hugs, love and energy from Chicago.

  12. Praying….

  13. Thank you for the update Marvin. Prayers for you and Donna from New England…

  14. Thanks Don for the update. Still have the toed steel boots on…keeping her close to my heart and sending you both positive energy, thoughts, love and hugs from Texas! You both have such amazing strength.

  15. Dear Marvin…. and hugs to Donna….
    Sending lots of love and warm thoughts. Thank you, Marvin for keeping us updated.

  16. Valerie Kaeppler

    My hugs to you and Donna! I do hope they find the culprit soon as I know she wants to be home. She has been thru so much of late.
    Valerie k

  17. Oh Donna, I hope they figure this out ASAP. I am so sorry you are in the hospital with this. You are in my prayers and thoughts every day. Take care. Hugs and XoXoXo-Susan

  18. Really appreciate that you took time to keep us updated on your status. It’s hard for us to be out here hoping that the situation is improving, but not knowing what the silence means. It’s harder for you where you are, of course. Thanks for keeping us all connected and in the loop.

  19. Thank you Marvin.I’ve called you a prince before and I stand by it. I was so upset to read that Donna was back in the hospital cos no one likes that place. Tell her Kate sends all her love and positive energy to quash that fever.We have the same Mets so I feel close to her. It must be frustrating that the docs cannot figure out what is going on. I’m hoping the fever is fighting whatever infection has invaded. I’m weeping a bit as I write this because I hate this cancer so much. Stay by her side and hold her hand when she needs it. All my love…Kate

  20. Donna, you keep fighting girl!!!! You need to get back home so you can feel human again!!!!!
    Love and miss you!

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