Mystery Fever Solved?


Donna’s condition may have an answer. She continues to be tired with no energy. Today she went for a CT scan. The doctors are waiting for the results. What they are thinking is that she may have an infection in her intestine and a separate infection or abscess in her lung. They won’t know for sure until the tests come back.

She’s getting good care and the doctors are doing everything possible to get to the bottom of this. Should know more tomorrow.


Marvin (Don)

11 responses to “Mystery Fever Solved?

  1. Hoping whatever it is can be treated and fixed easily and quickly. You’re a great partner to blog for Donna, and for the rest of us.

  2. Thanks so much, Marvin. You truly do “Walk the walk”. Men like you are a gift. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the update, I know when you’re posting she’s not so well and that makes me uneasy…but I have the full faith that she will beat this hurdle. I just hope she’s comfy and weathering the storm well. You should know (and you do) that you are her rock. Stay strong and keep the faith, she’s in good hands. You are a special man, staying by her side. Remember, when life gets tough, the tough get going. And you both are. Still sending prayers and good vibes.
    With love and best wishes,

  4. Roni (RaptorRapture)

    Thank you Don for all you do for her and for us in keeping us updated. I know you will let her know we are all pulling for her and wishing both of you speed and comfort in resolution of this issue. Owl wings, eagles and bright healing light to Donna.

  5. Prayers for you, her doctors and Donna…

  6. Marvin, love and hug’s to both of you. Thank you so very much for the update and please…. give Donna a big hug from her cottonwood tree. friends.

  7. Healing eagle wing hugs are on the way for both you, Donna, and your ever faithful sidekick Marvin aka Don. Please feel better so you can dance for us soon! Miss you at DECC♥♥

  8. Thank you Don for the update and a great big THANK YOU for all you do for your Beautiful Donna! There is so much positive energy, love, hugs and prayers coming from so many…if any of us could do more we would. Hope they are able to get the fever under control when the test results come back. Give Donna a big hug for me….as always still sending positive energy and love from Texas!

  9. Thank you Marvin for letting us know what’s going on. Let Donna know I am sending my well wishes and prayers. To both of you.. XoXoXo-Susan

  10. Thank you, Marvin:) You are appreciated & valued more than you know. My love to Donna.

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