mystery fever continues

Fevers continue to persist with no particular schedule. They come and go at any time of day or night, so we keep a constant vigilance for any increase and then immediately take action with ice packs under the arms and Tylenol®.

No new results have indicated anything new, and further tests are still pending.
Lots of coughing, poor appetite are receiving attention, and that seems to be helping a bit. Breathing treatments every four hours seems to be helping to reduce the severe coughing spells. Earlier there was speculation about a lung infection, but that seems to have been nixed as a possible cause of the fever.
They continue to take blood cultures every day; so far no results.
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8 responses to “mystery fever continues

  1. Hang in there dear Lady. Sounds like you are getting excellent care. Sending you love and prayers fr strength for both of you. ♥

  2. Hope you are able to get some rest with all of the attention you are receiving . Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you.Love, prayers and hug’s to you and Marvin.

  3. Hi Donna,
    Mexico is lovely & we have already spent a week here Today Ernie played dominos with 3 Mexican locals that he met last year. They speak no English and Ernie about the same Spanish, but they laugh a lot and have a great time.
    For a couple of days we watched a very talented fellow trim the Palm trees. It was fascinating. He has been doing this work for 9 years and spoke good English. He had the most wonderful infectious laugh. He posed, during his work, so we captured some good photos. It was an amazing show right in front of our balcony.
    I try not to overdue at first as I am never sure how my lymphedema will react. I do my massage twice a day & wear my compession sleeve in the day & my night garment to bed. So far so good. Of course, I think of you all the time and lift you up in prayer. Right now, I have sat here with my eyes closed and enfolded you in a long, loving gentle hug. Be blessed dear lady. ❤ ~Sandy

  4. We are all helpless to do anything but PRAY and I assure you there are many of us doing that. Sending lots of love and hugs. Bless both of you

  5. Valerie Kaeppler

    Sending love and hugs Donna. Prayers that they find the cause.

  6. Dearest Donna, you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. I include you in a posted Moment of Reflection each night on the SPO site. Last night’s word was COURAGE, of which you are the epitome of. God Bless you. ♥

  7. Donna, I also continue to send good thoughts and prayers your way. You must be getting so tired of these fevers. I also hate on the weekends in the hospital sometimes it feels as though nothing is happening until Monday again. Here’s hoping that on Monday you get some long overdue answers. Hugs and Prayers XooXoXoXo-Susan

  8. Your precious life is making a difference….thank you for all you are!

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