post test

here with my love who / gives me strength and makes me smile / so lucky am i

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11 responses to “post test

  1. We’re thinking about you:)

  2. Very sweet Donna, just like you. I hope you’re comfy tonight as you rest.
    There are many people sending you good vibes and healing prayers, feel the love.
    B-well soon,

  3. Hugs and love, Donna…


  4. Thinking of you every day Donna, your Marvin is a sweet man. I am glad he gives you strength and makes you smile . Love and hug’s to you.

  5. It is wonderful to read your caring words, Donna.Your reflection of love gives us strength and makes us smile, too. Amazing. Thank you.

  6. I’m thinking about you tonight, and hoping you have a comfortable, healing snooze. Hope you feel much better tomorrow!

  7. So happy to hear your words as I am greatful that Marvin kept us up to date in the last few days. Keep fighting darling, we are all on your side sending positive thoughts, love, energy and light your way.

  8. Been thinking of you today also. So thankful you and Marvin have each other. Sending my love and prayers. And wishes for dreams of dancing dear Lady! ♥

  9. I can only imagine how tough this has been. You’re in my prayers. Sending lots of love.

  10. You are blessed to have him and he shows his deep love by staying at your side. You are both in my prayers.

  11. What beautiful words and how much I hope the two of you spent a wonderful evening together. It was great to see you on the Tweetchat and I send both of you my loving thoughts and prayers. XoXoXo-Susan

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