Home Tomorrow

The medical teams agree that without a recent spike in temperature, it’s time to release Donna tomorrow. Her symptoms with c. Diff have improved as well as with her coughing.

The pulmonary team still says they will stop by and examine and pull her pleural tube, but we will see. They seem to be saying they won’t get here until after five o’clock, which will make it a really long day.

Donna had a good day and even walked the floor one time slowly but without incident.  She is eager to go home.


10 responses to “Home Tomorrow

  1. This is fantastic news! Home Sweet Home!

  2. Great news! Thanks for the update. Love and prayers to you both! ♥

  3. I think it will be nice to be home…I can’t imagine anything better.

  4. Roni (RaptorRapture)

    There is no place like home when you are not feeling well. Your own bed, your own sheets, your own bathroom…and mostly non-stop access to the one you love and his wonderful coffee! I am glad she’s going home where the germs are familiar and not contagious! Mostly, where love is found….hugs and bright healing lite and owl wings and eagles. For both of you.

  5. Almost home Donna. I am happy for you and Marvin. Sorry it will be such a long day. Click you heel 3 time because “There’s no place like home”. Hugs and prayers XoXoXo-Susan

  6. Great news! So glad that you’ll be getting home! Prayers for you both.

  7. Wonderful news. My prayers are with you.

  8. Great news, I am so happy! Home is just such a nice place to be.Hope the long day isn’t to tiring . Hug’s

  9. A positive sign. When you feel so lousy the best place to be is HOME:) Prayers as always for both of you.

  10. there is no place like home praise the LORD

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