UPDATE results of pleural fluid trickling in

Currently, we are still awaiting the results of the pleural fluid cultures plus blood cultures from both my port-a-cath and vein. So far, the couple of results from the pleural fluid are negative.

I am now running a fever again, so I am waiting for my usual treatment: Tylenol® and ice packs to place in the armpits. Such a treat.

I also have developed thrush in my mouth along with some sores, so they are ordering medicated mouthwash for me. And, I may have mentioned already, my hair is definitely falling out. All over the bedding, the floor, my food when I’m eating. I was not sure that I was going to shave it off this time as it is pretty short already, but I am not sure I can deal with these clumps of hair falling out everywhere. It is the usual issues with chemo causing the hair to fall out. I have been bald already, so it is not a really big deal to me except that I just had it cut and colored too long ago and hate to think I have to cut it off before it fades out. Priorities are a bit screwy, huh.

Marvin is recuperating a bit before coming by in a little while. I really miss him as his work schedule prevented him from visiting yesterday. Boo hoo.

Physical therapy came to work with me, but I did not do too well and had to return to the room after only a few steps down the hall. I am just a bit too weak, I guess, to walk the halls, especially without oxygen. I am back in the room getting ready to order lunch and nap for a while to recover after performing my great physical feats of strength and daring.

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8 responses to “UPDATE results of pleural fluid trickling in

  1. Oh, you poor dear now thrush, now that’s not fun. I completely understand about the hair,hate to waste that money for the nice cut and color. You got some use out of it you have beautiful eyes and that makes your face beautiful. So sorry, for all this discomfort and on top of that, no Marvin. He must be exhausted. I know you miss him, I am sure he is great company. Wish I could do something to help you, Nice to hear from you.Love,hug’s and best wishes.

  2. Does your team of doctors believe in probiotics since you are on so many antibiotics and have been for so long. I’m no doctor but I do know that your system (intestinal track) needs that good bacteria to be happy. Yogurt is one way…Fage is a very good brand. I had thrush so bad one time from my Celiac Disease and the medicated mouthwash worked but I also doubled up on the probiotics which my gastro doctor advised. Now this blew my mind because I have never had a regular doctor speak highly of any natural/herbal supplements. Just had to throw this out to you…hang in there Sweet Beautiful Lady, you are a Peach! As always keeping you close to my heart and in my thoughts…strong positive energy for you along with love and hugs…wish I could do more!!

  3. Oh Donna, your priorities aren’t screwy at all…they just change depending on a person’s situation. It’s very understandable…and you have every right to feel that way. I found some pics of you and Marvin sans hair and you look beautiful! ♥ I agree with Cordy on the need for probiotics (and prebiotics to feed them). I thought of that when you started taking antibiotics and now they have had you on a cocktail of them for so long. All those “good fellas” have been wiped out and it will be easier to fight off further infections if you can build the good bacteria back up. With most of our immune system in our digestive track it just makes sense. I take them every day myself. Some doctors are coming on board and understanding the need for them now. It’s worth asking about it. ♥ I hope you were able to see the message and picture that Becky posted for me on your FB page. I’m not on FB so I really appreciate that she willing to do that. Lo♥e and healing energy to you along with many, many prayers. ♥

  4. dear precious Donna you are such a calm person you always sound so positive I pray that you will hear about all the tests soon .I know you miss Marvin when he cant be there my heart is heavy tonight with prayers for you and Marvin and if necessary just think you have a
    excellent excuse to buy one of the beautiful scarves that you see on the market now will contnue to call out your name to our great God

  5. Donna, I hope you’re feeling better tonight and get a good nights rest. Hope you got to see your Hunny…you’re a fighter and an inspiration just keep on fighting …as we say at USC….Fight on! (I heard we didn’t do so well today at the game against UCLA!) I’m still thinking of you always.
    B-well…lots of love,

  6. You are always in my heart, thoughts and prayers Dancing Lady as is your wonderful husband. You are a beautiful person inside and out. Sending you gentle hugs dear lady.

  7. Valerie Kaeppler

    Donna I soooo wish this would all end in feeling good again! Please know I am thinking of you. Pleural effusion is how cancer had returned but the first draw of 2ltr said bacteria. The 2nd time showed cancer cells. So sorry you are dealing with this and not be able to be home. Hugs to Marvin as well as you. Many blessings

  8. I understand how you feel about your hair. This has been such an intense time with so much confusion about your fevers and the pleural fluid. On top of that you have to deal with freshly colored hair now coming out in clumps. Donna I am looking forward to the day you can go home. I am thinking of you and sending prayers of light to you and Marvin. You are so amazing. I am humbled by your incredible spirit. Hugs and XoXoXo-Susan

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