UPDATE state of momentary calm

News flash. This morning is the first time I have felt better. Plain and simple, I woke up feeling almost human, even danced my feet around in bed before getting up. After so many days of feeling terrible, it feels good to sit in a chair. Yes. This is an accomplishment as I have been unable to be out of bed for any time other than using the restroom.

With it being Sunday I do not expect to hear a lot of news, so I will relax and sit in the chair from time to time alternating with napping.

Some of you have been writing to me about eating yogurt, which will help to repopulate my body with the good germs that are being destroyed along with the bad germs by the antibiotics. My oncology team is very open to complementary modalities, so I have been eating yogurt as much as possible as I go through this. I love yogurt of all types and have worn out a couple of yogurt makers over the years. When I buy it, I get unflavored because of my diabetes and flavor it myself. I have made thick yogurt, so Greek is definitely a favorite. All I need to do is remember to order it at mealtime so I am getting it along with my Glucerna and whatever else.

I had a bit of a disaster with physical therapy yesterday as my legs buckled after going only a short distance because I was so weak. Today, it was quite a different story. I was able to traverse twice the distance and still have energy to sit in the chair. This is definitely a high point for me and has lasted a couple of hours. As most metsters know, we live on a roller coaster that can go up and down in a matter of minutes, and these past few days have been a long run of valleys with this morning being up for the first time. I am enjoying the time and will continue to hope that it lasts at least a few hours and be grateful for having these good moments. I fear a fever trying to come on, so I’m going to close down and relax in bed a while and will my body to do what I want.

Thank you, all, for your amazing support and continual encouragement. I am deriving much strength and hope from your various messages.

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20 responses to “UPDATE state of momentary calm

  1. My feet are doing a little Mexican dance with you, Donna. 5678
    I am sending you beautiful vibes from this place of loving people.
    People here with cancer must pay for their surgery and treatments. If they can manage the money for the surgery (which is very costly) they have it. Breast cancer means removal. Majority cannot afford the treatments. Yet they have a joy within that is so awe-inspiring.
    May your peak last much longer than you can even hope for. ❤

  2. So happy to read that you feel better this morning dear Lady! Your post has made my day too. Hope you can relax and get a good nap! Sending my love and prayers! ♥

  3. The sun here is shining just a bit brighter here after reading your message 🙂 So happy that at least for a little while you can have some relief from your constant suffering. Maybe this will begin to be the new you and good feelings will start to come and stay longer each time. My prayers and hugs are continuing for you. Happy dances!!!

  4. Happy dance right here, right now. I am so thrilled you are getting a break and feeling good today! What a relief that must be.Don’t over do it. Rest and enjoy the feeling good .Your are always in my thoughts and glad you have some relief.Love and hug’s to you.

  5. I can feel your energy in your post!!! Praying it continues!

  6. What a great news flash! I love hearing you are having a better day, Donna. I really do! And I wish I liked yogurt…

  7. I am smiling at your news ~ proud of your efforts!

  8. 🙂 The post I’ve been waiting for….. Progress. So happy to ready this!!

    Tons of love, dear friend…


  9. Im so happy to hear you finally feel a bit better Donna ❤ I cant tell you enough how I feel for you going through these rough times! Hopefully from now you will be able to do so as today 🙂 HUGE {HUGS} from the Netherlands 🙂 take care ❤

  10. Sooo good to hear you are doing so much better today. I hope this holds up for the rest of the week so that you can build up enough strength to enjoy a good Thanksgiving at HOME! Good food, good coffee, good company! Hugs and love to you, owl wings and breasts and eagle!

  11. This is amazing news. So pleased to hear it Donna. May you go from strength to strength now! xx

  12. Precious Donna I am so happy for you praise the Lord !! enjoy every second ,enjoy your yogurt hope Marvin is there to enjoy this. .

  13. Glad to hear you are feeling a little better today. When I read you had the mouth sores I said “ugh” aloud because I have been getting those over and over for the last few months. I hope you’ll feel up to eating a bit of Thanksgiving dinner. I know how the weakness affects stuff too so am glad you were able to move around more today. Sending you the strength I can spare as usual

  14. Excellent job today Donna, with your Physical Therapy! Keep up the good work and once again, it was a pleasure working with you today.

  15. I am so happy you are having a better day…so overdue for you Beautiful Lady! Wishing you sweet dreams of dancing tonight and wishing you another good day tomorrow! Hugs, smiles, love and lots of positive energy coming your way as always!!!

  16. This is wonderful news Donna. Don’t push too hard with the therapy but I think you know how to pace it, sounds like you’re stopping and resting as you listen to your bodies reaction to the physical stresses placed upon it. I spoke to Linda Sohl-Ellison last night and told her I was in contact with you via facebook and on your blog and updated her on your current hospital stay and roller coaster rides. She asked me to tell you that she’s been thinking of you lately but doesn’t go on facebook much (you know Linda) and she also wanted me to send you her love and prayers. I am spending Thanksgiving at her house with her and Monti and a few others. It would be so nice if you’re able to get out by Thursday and enjoy some time with your hunny.

    I will be watching for hopefully more of these happier posts with increased energy because you know all the cells in our bodies communicate with each other simultaniously creating an inner universe (uni meaning one, verse as in music, one verse) Think about that as you visualize your strength coming back and feel the overwhelming energy as these cells all work harmoniously to create the symphony of you.
    Peace and love always,

  17. I am so glad that you are feeling better. {{{HUGS}}

  18. So happy to read this news Donna! You are always in my thoughts and prayers and today I pray with happiness for you. Great job with the PT today. Stay strong.

  19. Wonderful news ! I’m so, so happy for you!

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