UPDATE change of plan for my release

In keeping with the roller coaster theme, we are again changing plans. It appears that the cultures finally revealed that that staphylococcus lugdenensis grew from two areas of my body but both devices: one from the lung catheter and the other, now it appears, from my port-a-cath. The resolution: remove the port-a-cath. As much as I wanted them to save it earlier on this ride, I now just want it out of me so we can treat the infection and move forward. The plan, therefore, is to keep me to remove the port, though we do not yet have a schedule. I hope that with the holiday week, the procedures staff are still working and can do this today or earlier tomorrow.

After they remove it, they will continue me on the antibiotics, insert a PICC line in preparation for chemotherapy after resolution of the infection, and then eventually insert another port-a-cath. In cancer land having a port is the easiest way to go with the least opportunity for infection. I have had the port since early 2009, so at least I got a good run from this one and expect to get another that will last as long, too.

I don’t yet know the revised schedule, but I am anxious to get started so I can get out of here, though I don’t want to leave until it’s resolved as much as possible with the new direction.

Last evening I had an abdominal CT scan, which went without incident despite my overall anxiety. I managed to get through a day that made me feel like I was about to melt down every hour or so. Anxiety is insidious; it starts and builds and takes on a life of its own unless you somehow curtail it along the way through some method. Since many of the options are no longer available, I either meditate or medicate, with the former more often but sometimes difficult to maintain with a steady focus and the latter less often but when I know it is necessary and will work forthwith. I expect today will be more serene. On a good note yesterday I had some wonderful visits from friends and from the chaplain and one of our social workers from the cancer center. It helped.

Again, thank you all for following me and contributing your comments and support. It must be a bit tiresome reading this litany some days, but I hope that it is helping to show that metastasis has many hurdles but that there are often ways to deal with them even when it seems dire.

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13 responses to “UPDATE change of plan for my release

  1. Just hang in there Kid Going home to your own nice comfy bed and being
    with Marvin is just around the corner
    Will continue to call out your name in prayer
    love Ruth

  2. Donna at least you have some answers so I am relieved to hear this news. I hope they get moving but I am also realistic about holidays and hospitals. I am on a plane to fly to be with family for the holiday. I will keep checking in and I send you hugs and prayers. XoXoXo-Susan

  3. Well, knowing the “value of veins”, I am sorry to hear they will be removing that port. I know it is a lifeline in so many instances, and it avoids sdome unnecessary pain with pins and the like. But if it means resolving this infection, I guess we just go with the flow! You are the BEST “flower” I know. Always a bright word, a snarky thought (and I do love snarky) and a positive outlook. You are a rare person Ms. Donna. Keep smiling! Love and hugs of soft owl wings and the guidance of eagles.

  4. We are all hanging in there with you dear Lady! So praying you can go home tomorrow and have that pineapple smoothie with your DH! Sending my love and prayers! ♥

  5. Hang on in there Donna! Lots of love and hugs from England xx

  6. I am always so amazed that you are able to continue to keep us all up on what is going on in your world. I look for your report every day and continue to cheer you on. The prayers are storming the Heavens that you will be home for Thanksgiving. Keep that stiff upper lip and that awesome determination. You are a role model for many.

  7. Dearest Donna. As one of your many followers, I’m sending you healing thoughts and best wishes from the UK. I hope you make it home for Thanksgiving.

  8. I spent yesterday with my dearest friend in the universe…… There’s lots going on in her home and a bit less “lots” going on in mine, too….. I’m going to borrow her favorite saying, It FITS…

    “You can’t make this Sh-t up” (and that would not be SHUT, either!)

    Know that I’m reading each day. I love that you are chronicling the reality of dealing with mets. And that dogged determination of a great medical team, an empowered patient and a spectacular care-giver are so important.

    I send you love, as I do each day and I hope you are able to enjoy Thanksgiving AT HOME. I’m thankful for YOU.


  9. I had my port removed yesterday. Local only. The novacane stings like crazy but other than that pretty easy. Today I’m sore but no pain.
    Hope you have an easy time as well.

  10. I hope you don’t mind my asking, as I am a yr and a half into my mets journey, what year were you diagnosed? I am praying they get your procedure done tomorrow and that you are home by weeks end. Sending love and happy thoughts your way.

  11. Your comment on anxiety resonated with me. I have been wondering how you manage.
    I was also really happy to see where some of your followers/uplifters are from. Normally I am in central Canada but right now I am in Mexico. Prayers flow ang God is continually reminded about Donna Peach, those that love you, and every hand that touches you.

  12. Hang in there Donna, at least you are in good hands. I’m sure they’ll straighten this out, let’s hope your team is on it tomorrow.
    Peace and Love,

  13. Glad they have been able to pinpoint where the infections are. I hope they will get right on it even with the holiday here. The sooner the better so you can get out of there and back home. It is never tiresome reading your blog. You are an amazing person and your blog helps so many, probable more than you will ever know! I love how Don documents your journey thru his photos. I check in daily when possible…so glad when there is an upside in your journey that allows for a much bigger smile on your beautiful face. Sending positive energy, thoughts, lots of love, smiles and hugs from Texas to you

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