waiting for interventional radiology

argument persists / still this last hour whether to / remove my sick port
i await transport / as i await decision / to remove my port
seesaw yesterday / speeds up this morning between / differing viewpoints
remove it no don’t / infectious disease says no / others say do it
i sit and wait with / no food and worse no coffee / morning moves slowly

5 6 7 8
© 2004––12 Donna Peach. All rights reserved.


9 responses to “waiting for interventional radiology

  1. Was so hoping they would have figured all of this out. Hoping they will spring you today to go home. Sending my love and prayers dear Lady! ♥

  2. Looking forward to hearing a decision and hoping they get you ready to go home. Extra prayers and hugs to you and Marvin. XoXoXo-Susan

  3. You would think that if one says yes and one says no, they would discuss the why not’s and why yes with you so you would understand more what is going on. Do you ever get a say? What a roller coaster morning for you…I hope they figure it out really soon for you. A large dose of positive energy, thoughts, love, hugs and smiles for you. Hang in there Sweet Lady! I know how much you want to be at home.

  4. oh this is ridiculous. they are not treating you well. please make them give you some food. I hurt for you. hugs

  5. What to do about what to do !! should I come with my steeltoe shoes lol
    I know they want the best for you and we do too.But dang how long can you go without coffee We love you dear lady

  6. I hope the next post I see one where you haiku’d the port right out!!!

    Donna….. I send you all my love… as always…


  7. Donna..you are amazing…I put together a while ago a post called Success http://joyhappinesslife.blogspot.com/2012/03/success.html
    Poetry… 😀
    I agree with AnneMarie’s comment above! Kathleen

  8. Love and Hug’s Donna hope they finally let you have some food or even more important coffee. Hope you are home, fingers crossed and prayers for Home sweet home.

  9. That must suck Donna, just waiting. I hope they get it resolved soon and you are comfy again. Thinking of you this Thanksgiving eve.
    joey ❤

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