Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate today. I am grateful for all the astounding support I have received recently and for writing this morning from home. No cancer thoughts today, just feeling thankful to be alive and here with my sweetheart.

Back tomorrow with an update. Yes, the port is out.

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14 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving 2012

  1. Happy thanks giving day to you and Marvin
    Sooooo thankful you are home

  2. So glad you are home for Thanksgiving. When I say Grace at our family dinner I will include you in as a reason to be thankful. Bless the both of you.

  3. Oh dear Lady, you just made my day so much better! I am so thankful you are home! Now, don’t overdo it, and just enjoy the day. So many are so much more thankful today because of this news. Sending my love and prayers to you both. Happy Thanksgiving! ♥

  4. Great news Donna. Enjoy thanksgiving. Lots of love from England xxx

  5. Yay!!!!!! We’re so grateful you’re home. It’s a Thanksgiving gift to everyone who cares about you, sweet friend.

  6. A blessed Thanksgiving to you lovrbirfs……so glad you are home together this day!

  7. Wishing our super warrior woman and her sweety a happy thanksgiving at home!!!! Enjoy the season…….

  8. Thinking of you all….. day and sending Thanksgiving blessings.

  9. Am just so thankful that you are home today and able to spend it with hubby. I know he is also happy about that! There really is just “no place like home” especially when you are feeling down. So, put on those ruby slippers, click your heels together, and follow your yellow brick road to wherever that may lead. We are all with you. Hugs and love.

  10. Many expressions of gratitude had your name on them today. ♥

  11. Donna, I am SO GLAD you are home. I hope you are enjoying the holiday! I send positive thoughts and prayers to you, Marvin, and the rest of your family! Hugs and XoXoXo-Susan

  12. So…so happy you were home for Thanksgiving. Something I was hoping for you, as well as me, to make the day complete. Hug’s

  13. Home? you made it home?! God bless you and I hope you really enjoyed your time together. 🙂

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