In every way it is wonderful to be home. This morning I am having Marvin’s marvelous brew of java that I love so much and salad for breakfast, a treat for me since I can’t eat salad with this current chemo as long as my while blood cell counts are low. Also, my sister and brother-in-law are visiting from Ohio and arrived late afternoon yesterday. It could not be a more spectacular holiday weekend especially since I felt actually good yesterday and this morning after I got my fever back down to near normal. I have not felt this decent, though I am very weak, in a long while, and for that I am really grateful this Thanksgiving Friday.

I am keeping busy with the medications that came home with me from the hospital including my breathing treatments every four hours, which I can’t say I did yesterday on that schedule. I will try to be better today along with drinking more water, which Marvin keeps reminding me I need to keep up. Two ounces every 15 minutes. That’s the goal. I will also try to walk in the loft a little bit today to start building strength in my legs. I have been sleeping on my hospital bed downstairs as I am unable to climb our 14 stairs to our bedroom. I miss being in my big bed, but I have to get the strength back first before I can do that.

Compliance with all of my patient duties is my goal: to regain my strength and get back to chemo forthwith, which I am not doing today because I just do not feel strong enough to endure it this soon. I cried this morning at having to make the decision not to go, despite my oncologist’s approval for me to do it today, but I think I need a bit more recovery before jumping back into that. It scares me to miss chemo, as it always has, but I feel this is the right decision.

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14 responses to “compliance

  1. Still with you on your journey…so glad family is down for the holiday and that you are at home! On step at a time, regain some of your strength so you are stronger when you start back the chemo….hoping your blood count stays strong! Enjoy, you are long over due for positive things…yes water every 15 min. and remember the yogurt too! Love, hugs, smiles and lots of positive energy coming your way!

  2. There can be no right or wrong decisions about you and chemo. It is just YOUR decision. You alone know what you can tolerate and when. If you are already weak, it’s hard to sign up for more! I say, just relax this weekend, get your strength built back up a bit and then start again Monday with evaluating what you feel like doing. I say walking in the loft, visiting with family and having good coffee and salad may be a good start! Hugs and Love and lots of dancing for you. Owl wings, eagles…are you getting tired of me saying it yet? Well, too bad, lady!

  3. What a beautiful Thanksgiving for you!! Prayers that your strength will come back to a point where you will be able to tolerate the chemo. Listen to your body and you will not go wrong!

  4. I agree with Roni. You know your body & what is right for you. Sending a butterfly’s kiss to go with the owl wings, eagles……hugs and hope!

  5. Sharing in your thanksgiving….. Sending prayers for continued strength.

  6. I agree with Roni too. So happy you got to have breakfast at home with your sweetie! Drink up. Sending my love and prayers, and dreams of dancing! ♥

  7. Donna you are doing the right thing by listening to your body. You will gain your strength back and be able to get back to chemo on your timetable.You have my daily thoughts and prayers to you, Marvin, and the rest of your family. Hugs and XoXoXo-Susan

  8. So happy you are home Donna and your family is out to visit. Rest and recharge to regain your strength being home should help with that. Keep up the fluids! Always thinking of you.

  9. I am so glad that you are home. Ditto what everyone said. And what Roni said, it is your decision. {{{HUGS}}}

  10. So glad to hear you have family visiting, listen to your body, you’re making the right decisions, they don’t know what you feel. Chemo in due time (or not, I’m not a fan of it but that’s up to you) Just enjoy your time…and remember, the Dr.’s can’t play God. Neither can we. Keep the faith and live fully.
    Peace and love,
    joey >3

  11. Enjoy home, coffee and Marvin don’t overdo but enjoy
    still calling out your name love you dancing lady
    ((((((lots of hugs )))))))

  12. So glad you are enjoying your holiday and even happier that you are home. Continue to allow your body to find it’s way. I send you lots and hugs and prayers. XoXoXo-Susan

  13. I am ecstatic that you felt better on Thanksgiving and enjoyed the day. It’s nice that some relatives are visiting as well. I think you made the right decision about the chemo. Missing 1 treatment is not going to hurt, and if you are still feeling weak your counts might have been too low. You’ll be ready for the next one. As always, my thoughts and strength are with you my sister ❤

  14. Donna, I am giving thanks this weekend for your friendship these many years, and for showing the rest of us how to live life to the fullest in the face of pain and physical infirmities. May the force be with you!

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