awesome weekend

relatives’ visit / a blessing and a delight / awesome long weekend ♦
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11 responses to “awesome weekend

  1. Love to hear it Donna, a short but sweet post. I’m glad they let you out to be home this Thanksgiving. I hope you’re feeling better tonight. Still keeping you close in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Made my day!! So happy for you. Hope it last for more than the weekend. Prayers continue

  3. So happy to read you had a good weekend with loved ones! Sending my love and prayers!

  4. So glad you had a good weekend. You deserve a lot more that just one. You have more strength of spirit than anyone else I know. prayers and hugs to you for continued feeling good.

  5. Annette Duckering

    annetteDwa- My prayers are with you for strength health and love from above. Good to have family and friends close by to share all of lifes adventures with.

  6. Lots of love, smiles, big hugs and positive energy coming to you as always…love your happy post! Enjoy and hope you continue to feel good and get some more strength back!

  7. Music to my ears, “Awesome weekend”. Hug’s and love to you.

  8. BreastCancerSisterhood

    “Delight” and “awesome” are two words I’m delighted to hear you say. Awesome!

  9. OH happy day. ENJOY IT! ENJOY IT! Hugs and prayers XoXoXo-Susan

  10. Dancind with happiness for you. In fact, we were out 2 nights ago and I got up to dance with some YOUNG Mexican gals. They were teaching me their moves. My hips are still sore. ha ha

  11. Smiled when i read your ‘heading’ of awesome weekend. Thank you for encouraging me…. Praying for you and your man.

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