walking with a little pace

Southern California is having a chilly day at only 63 degrees. I am cozy inside, however, resting while my sister and brother-in-law do a few errands before dinner on this last evening of their visit. Marvin is still at work, of course.

My temperature continues to remain normal except during my Vancomycin® infusion, which my home health care nurse found a little odd. Again, last night it went up to 99.7 during the infusion and then back down to normal about an hour after it completed. I think it is just my body being sensitive to pretty much any activity as I tend to run a fever any time I am feeling off. Every cold or flu that I have ever gotten has always brought on a fever with it, so I am assuming that this infection is no different, along with the treatment for it.

I am happy to be feeling less sick and more or less just weak, which I am hoping will diminish as I am up and out of bed more and more each day and walking back and forth in the loft. Today three times in a row but with a little bit of pace till I was short of breath. I think that means something good even though my distance is yet lacking. I am hoping that by Friday when I go to treatment, I will be able to walk to the car and maybe even in to the infusion center. At any rate I am working on it.

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4 responses to “walking with a little pace

  1. So glad your temp is staying normal so happy you feel like a little walking
    praying that you will get stronger each day. calling out your name
    love you peachy lady

  2. So good to hear that the infection seems to be leaving your body Donna and you are walking some… feels good to be upright I’m sure! Again thank you for the Piano Guys video that you posted yesterday… I bought and downloaded their new CD from iTunes and am enjoying it. Jon Schmidt, the pianist, is such a talented ,am… I may get a CD of him alone, although I LOVE the fabulous cellist and the other three fellows too. Blessings, fatigue is taking me over… off to have a rest!

  3. Once again nice to hear from you, I am glad you are feeling less sick ,you sound like you have more spunk. Seems like things are going pretty well for you don’t overdo the walking though. Take care and hug’s to you.

  4. Sending you a boost of energy along with a large gentle hug.

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