UPDATE day 4 admit

Every day we seem to have new information yet so far nothing really conclusive. The fevers are less frequent but still puzzling. Although I have a bladder infection, the fever would not come from that. It is possible, still, that the fevers are from the cancer. Yet another possibility is that I have a pocket of infection in the left lung, the part blocked off after the pleurodesis and which is hard to treat because it is in the pleural area that is blocked. Last night they changed my antibiotics. I was receiving Cipro for the bladder infection, but they switched me to Levofloxacin, which they hope will treat the possible lung infection and also the bladder infection to boot. Because they are not certain that the lung even has an infection, the treatment is considered prophylactic.

I continue to cough and to receive breathing treatments, which make me cough more. It is all productive though I cannot produce anything because I never have been able to do that. I cough and swallow, and no matter what I have tried, that’s all I can do.

The key to all of this is clearing infection so I can get chemo. I am anxious to restart, but I am just trying not to get panicked by these delays. When my body is ready, I suppose we will do it. Yesterday I was able to get up and take a little walk with Marvin to the seating area at the elevators where the staff had done some decorating for the holidays It was a nice stroll and a great change of scenery. I hope to get up and out again today. I have walked a bit in my room, and thankfully, I was not short of breath but just weak kneed. I want to try to walk more and strengthen my legs, which don’t get any stronger with all this bed rest.

For two days they had me on a cardiac diet. Wow. That was really extreme, especially with the limitations already on me and my not eating any meat or hospital fish, for that matter. I don’t use salt anyway, but they took away everything that has even a minuscule part of sodium. I was back to Glucerna. This morning I have my regular egg over easy and piece of wheat toast and coffee. That is the biggest treat on this menu for me. They also have good fresh fruit cups and a Greek yogurt that you have to request. I somehow manage, knowing I need to maintain some kind of nutritional intake. Some days I just don’t want to eat at all.

So here I am for another couple of days so they can see what the new treatment does for my possible lung infection As always, one step at a time.

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7 responses to “UPDATE day 4 admit

  1. I am sure it is hard to keep up your spirit but please keep up the fight. Prayers and hugs as always. Nice to hear that you were able to take a short walk in the hall. Just being on your feet is great news 🙂

  2. So happy to read you got to walk the halls and got some Christmas cheer! Sending my love and prayers to both of you dear Lady! And wishes for dreams of dancing. ♥

  3. What a series of difficult events. I am glad you got to see some decorations. And I am praying that you find some relief somewhere. Blessings to both of you.

  4. Blessings on another dullish day in Califonia… thinking of you and SO liked seeing your picture near the decorated tree at UCI. You are in my thoughts and prayers as the hunt for resolution goes on for you!! XOXOXO

  5. A Mexicon friend invited us to an open-air dance recital in which his 5 year old daughter was performing. It was a very large group of boys and girls ranging in ages from 3 to 7. They were all in costume and it took about 40 minutes to watch all the performances. Some of the tiny ones just stand still, a couple had soothers, and each child was adorable, There were bees, flamingo dancers, cowgirls, and cowboys. Of course all the dances were done to Spanish music. The parents and grandparents, aunts, & uncles are all dressed up. They are SO loving with their children. It was a huge honour to be invited as special quests and definitely a highlight of out trip. Dancing Lady, I am sure you can picture it all. ❤

  6. I am glad to hear that you are off that lousy cardiac restricted diet and I hope you enjoyed being able to eat. I hope that they find the root of the problem just so you can be home in your own bed.I think about you every day and continue to send you happy thoughts and prayers. XoXoXo-Susan

  7. Do you remember Weebles? They were the toy in the 70’s I think that were on round, egg like shaped bases. They marketed them as “Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down!”. That’s what you are. You may wobble a bit here and there, but darn it, Lady, you keep getting back up and in the fight! I wonder if your entire life has been this way…you just won’t give up like a bitch dog with a bone. i am so proud of you and to know you. Hugs and much healing light.

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